Plato. Darwin. Both believed educating the masses to be dangerous.

Darwin never said the human race was evolving as a whole.  Only a fraction were evolving, he said.  He was an elitist, who believed the masses were inferior to the very few who were evolving to a higher plane.  Malthus was a cousin of Darwin, who said it was wrong to feed the poor.  Here is found the basis of the eugenics movement, the depopulation agenda.

Darwin recognised 57 separate races, of which the Irish were on the very bottom.  He was trained as an Anglican Minister.  The church believed all were born into a set level, from which it was the greatest crime to try to escape.  Don’t try and leave your biological category.  Don’t try and leave your spiritual category.

Darwin was fantastically wealthy.  He was first cousin to Francis Gorton – who has a worldwide following including clubs.  He believed that 99% of the human population was dangerous.  They wanted to keep the biologically advanced breeding with each other.

In the 30 years after The Descent Of Man by Darwin, many high level American colleges were set up to produce and foster the elite, while others were designed to stop the masses from learning – anti-education.

The Better Families Competition started all over America at public fairs to select the best daughters to breed.  Reinforcement of Darwin was a reinforcement of Plato, the Calvinist philosophy.

PHDs were only issued in Germany in the 1800s.  People came from all over the world to get a Prussian PHD.  The elites from all over the world sent their sons there, including Russia, Japan everywhere.  The Japanese in 1880 scrapped their constitution and replaced it with the Prussian Constitution.  This is all suppressed information.  The history has been hidden that all thinking has been controlled a very long time at high levels of the world’s societies.

Gorton spread eugenics around the world.

Adam Smith in his first 15 pages of The Wealth Of Nations says there is no difference between the duke’s sons and the street-sweeper’s sons, except early training.  A critic of Smith, William Playfair, said such thinking was very dangerous – that education had to be kept for the elites.

Mein Kampf is suppressed to this day, as it had a chapter explaining that Edward Bernays was the public relations man for Nazi Germany – an American.  Hitler had a giant portrait of Henry Ford behind his desk.  The origin of all his eugenics thinking was American.

He describes his experiences teaching ghetto kids.  Fascinating.  Each kid has a dream, which can be fostered.  Don’t let schooling get in the way.  Focus their education on their dream.  They develop mind muscle very quickly that way.  He explains how you do that.

All narratives are weapons of mass destruction – including medicine and nutrition.  Schools are creating the problems.  The kids are all able to progress even from the most horrible ghettoes.  Dumbness is an illusion.  Experts invent the problems that they then have to solve.  Individuals have an innate potential. People wish to learn.  But we don’t allow that to happen.

The first thing schools do is to strip experience exposure away.  He tells the story of Richard Branson’s mother pushing him out from the car miles from home, as in his autobiography.  He says that nothing in his life ever seemed hard ever again.  If everyone understood how to use their own mind, rather than join the corporate hell we now live in, where there’s no competition, the political environment would be very different.

Financial manipulation destroyed American industry.

Too small a part of the population has any brain development.  The bad things done in school have been intellectually justified.  People don’t have a critical mind any more.

Rockefeller and Carnegie sent up the pension system for teachers.  But they only gave pensions to schools that agreed to follow the Carnegie education system.  The elites took over the program of educating the masses – that is, of course, not educating the masses to think but to follow.

They played the same game with the churches – travelling ministers, publishing books suppressing the people – apart from one small group of Quakers which has produced a number of Presidents.  The data is removed from the masses.  Only a tiny elite are told the real story and exposed to experience.

The lowest group in intellectual achievement are school managers.  They are given great pay cheques to do what they’re told, to keep things just as they are and resist activist parents.  Nothing’s moved in a century.  Foundations use leverage to control the testing systems, the curriculum, the public perception of what’s going on.  Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford were the ring leaders.

Ford took over the psychological control of teaching.  Carnegie globalised the system through control of the media.  The media is controlled through advertising.

John Taylor Gatto

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