Odious little squirt William Hague

Hi Tap, I thought I would add a few words, w/r/t Syria with some Links, Regarding Hague’s Cavalier Manner. An old saying comes to mind.


The Sooner That Odious Little Squirt Hague, Crawls Back Under His Rock The Better It Will Be For All Concerned. HE IS ABUSING THE POWER OF HIS OFFICE!

When The “Shit Hits The Fan” You Will See Him Back Peddling, Just wait & See. 

What does Hague think he is going to achieve messing about in Syria, with his Sabre-Rattling. How can we have any respect for those in Power who Continually make the same Mistakes. If the West Arms the Rebels, the weapons will ultimately fall into the wrong hands, & be used against the suppliers,it happened in Afghanistan, & it will Happen in Syria. It wont unfortunately be the “Brain Dead” who supplied them, it will be their Representatives, British Soldiers, whilst the Arms Dealers Make Their Mega Financial Killing, just as they Planned.

Hagues Rebels are Mainly Al Qaeda Supporters

The ‘rebels’ are also accused of using the deadly nerve agent sarin according to war crimes prosecutors.

China and Russia will now feel obliged to supply more weapons to the Syrian regime leading to a total bloodbath.

William Hague Bullies EU Into Lifting Arms Embargo

The truth is that Britain bullied the other member states to sit quietly. The only concession that Hague seems to have given in return is that there will be no arms to the rebels until August at the earliest.

Britain and the US have been permitting arms to filter through to the terrorists in Syria for months, via Libya, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. So far, though, these have been small calibre weapons. Now that the embargo has effectively been lifted, large calibre weapons can be sent.

Coincidentally(?), while Britain was bullying the EU on arms, Senator John McCain was visiting the terrorists in Syria to discuss the supply of heavy weapons and the imposition of a no fly zone.

I Detect The Guiding Hands of The Jesuits in This, as McCain is a Jesuit, & so is Biden, such that Obama is Surrounded by them. Its Time People, Woke-Up to This Reality.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hague was a grovelling conniving little piece of shit in the days of hatchet Thatcher and today he is a bigger piece of shit with a frog croaking voice that he thinks can impress.
    The Syria conflict has all the hallmarks of The Arab Spring and the invasion of Iraq. Paid by the CIA mercenaries start the trouble. Then comes “killing his own people” followed by “He’s using gas and chemical agents” then a no fly zone followed by condemnation, condemnation and more condemnation followed by INVASION. Followed by a puppet trial of the president or buggered to death.

  2. tony roma says:

    enough of this gay banter.
    hague is haig.
    a general
    a leader of men
    a gut punch into your vauxhall gimp bar spleen.
    why does love have to involve a kiss or gentle caress.
    what the hell is wrong with depleted uranium bang bang.

    love is pain
    hague is love
    william is not a fetus
    he is all
    rothschild chatham house blackmailed man

  3. wasp says:

    A Good Succinct Summary of The Little Prat, They Put on The Podium Gordon, if you remember

    I Remember it Well. Take your pick from these.

    Link Hague as Youngster at Conservative Party Conference


  4. Hunts Alaska says:

    Criticizing Europe’s decision to open the way for potential arms shipments to Syrian rebels, Russia insists that its own sale of arms to the Syrian government helps the international effort to end the two-year-long conflict, the diplomat added. He was referring to the delivery of the advanced S-300 long-range air defense systems, which Russia is carrying out under a contract signed with Syria several years ago.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 7:51 am

    Correct. And Israel’s air-force has been rendered totally useless now:


    Time to top up on the iodine. The thyroid gland is the first thing a nuclear attack hits on the human body. A deficient thyroid gland can literally cripple a person.

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier. I am posting this on behalf of Peter-Andrew: Nolan© also now known as Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©. I am doing this because, as a young men who knows Peter well, I know he has our best interests at heart.

    It is well known that five years ago, April 2008, I spent a month suicidal as I went through the process of disowning my former children. When I came out of that rather unpleasant experience I contacted other men who had been similarly affected. I realized that many men were killing themselves because of the criminal abuse of the family law courts all across the western English speaking world.

    As a direct result of this experience, and my compassion for my fellow men, I made a vow in June 2008 to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia and Ireland. Naturally, at the time I made the vow I had no idea how that might be done. We call it “throw your hat over the wall”. You make the vow and “figure it out later”.

    Along the way I have talked to many tens of thousands of men, perhaps as many as 100,000 men have seen at least one comment by me one way or another. What I heard from men in 2008 was that they were DESPERATE for a remedy for the crimes being committed against them in the family courts. They were DESPERATE to find a way to end the criminal effects of feminism on their lives. Because so many men told me the same thing I mistook this to mean they actually WANTED to solve the problems of the family courts and feminism. As I said. My mistake.

    Through very extensive research and labour, and collaborating with the best and brightest, the remedy for both the family courts and feminism was proven on 2009-11-26. A mere 18 months after I was suicidal. The court meeting that I did on 2009-11-26 I regard as one of the finest achievements of my life. Regardless? The very men I risked my life to create a remedy for have ignored that remedy, preferring to whine, bitch, moan and complain because that is far more rewarding to them than actually solving their problems. If they solved their problems they would have nothing to whine, bitch, moan and complain about.

    The remedy has now been available 2.5 times as long as it took to develop and has proved uniquely unpopular. I am hated for even talking about it. The blood of every man who kills himself due to criminal abuse in the family courts is on the hands of those perhaps 100,000+ men who have heard from me and done nothing. I did all I could. They did not. It is actually very simple.

    The mechanism for men to free themselves now is the Mens Business Association. The MBA provides individual based services to get men out of the control grid. Such services may well save the mans life from suicide. Going forward? It is necessary to create second economy outside the control of any government entity. Why criminals in governments can dominate and control men via the economy they will continue to do so. There is no reason for them to stop. The MBA is the proposal of a second economy outside the control of the government. This is a NECESSARY ingredient for men to live in freedom.

    Only a small percentage of men will want to live in freedom. Those men who want to live in freedom? You are invited to watch a short update on how we are going in our efforts to get the second economy going. Naturally? The second economy will grow just as quickly or slowly as men join in and contribute to it. Those who want to “stick with the government run economies”? You are welcome to do so. I wish you luck with that because you are going to need it.

    best regards

    your brother peter


  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 10:47 am

    Your parody was ‘inspiring’ and ‘uplifting’.

    However, you addressed ‘Gentlemen’ in your ramblings.

    There’s a lot of highly intelligent women that read this blog too. 😉

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