Obama To Kill 25 Million Americans? 1982 Video Predicted Apocalyptic Scenario For Future America

Did you know that a 1982 video clip predicts not only the establishment of ‘re-education camps’ in America but the ‘elimination’ of 25 million Americans, the ‘taking over’ of parts of America by the Russians and the Chinese AND features a group of Americans from Columbia, Barack Obama’s ‘alma matter’, discussing matter of factly the ‘elimination’ of those 25 million Americans? This classic video details what we now see unfolding here in America and a DIRECT LINK back to our own President, Barack Obama, to carry out these Apocalyptic plans.

The photograph below was taken while Obama was a student at Columbia, revealed by former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl in the video above to be the home of staff and faculty members including Obama mentor Bill Ayers, discussing the ‘elimination’ of 25 million Americans.

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