Luxembourg trial into 1980s terror bombings reveals involvement of German police, intelligence agents

A trial is taking place in Luxembourg dealing with a series of terror bombings committed in the 1980s. Although the bombings implicate NATO troops and its top secret Stay Behind operation in terrorist activities, the trial has been largely ignored by the German and international media.

At the centre of the trial are two members of the Brigade mobile de la Gendarmerie (BMG), an elite police unit, accused of being responsible for 18 bombings that rocked Luxembourg between May 1984 and April 1986. Josh Wilmes and Marco Scheer are alleged to have carried out the bombings with two other now-deceased colleagues. The alleged aim of the bombings was to achieve increased funding for law enforcement.
The 9th Criminal Court in Luxembourg has been sitting in the so-called Bommeleeër process (Bomb planting trial) for 44 days, with no end of the trial in sight. While the prosecution has sought to prove that the two elite policemen were behind the attacks, the defence has argued that those responsible were members of the NATO-led Stay Behind network.
The involvement of NATO in the bombings is underlined by the fact that the Stay Behind operation—this time under the name Gladio—was responsible for very similar terrorist attacks in Italy at the beginning of the 1980s. The aim of those attacks was to destabilise Italy and create the conditions for a political shift to the right.
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