Is Turkey next for spring cleaning?

Hi Tap, I am still doing a lot of work outside whilst the Weather is good, I called it D.I.Y, but its far more involved than most would associate, as being DIY, however, as I am doing it myself it is Technically still DIY.

You have had a very successful start to the month w/r/t Figs.
As you know I have always believed that GLOBAL WARMING, due to CO2 So Called “Forcing” is a “LOAD OF BOLLOCKS”, as I stated the other day. I will give you an update with some Definitive, Information, regarding This Scam, that your readers may find interesting, as soon as I have time to put it together.

Now to change the Subject, I have given you in the past, much information regarding REINHARD GALEN & WILD BILL DONAVAN,who set up the CIA, OPERATION GLADIO,THE RAT RUN,ROBERTO CALVI, & VATICAN INVOLVEMENT,OPERATION PAPER CLIP & its implications.

At this juncture I would mention that both, GALEN,& DONAVAN, were PAPAL KNIGHTS, SMOMS. GLADIO IS NOT DEAD, & would like to draw your attention to :-

Riots in Istanbul: Gladio strikes again

Is Turkey next for the CIA’s spring cleaning? It certainly looks that way, from all the clues surrounding the huge riots that have developed seemingly overnight in Istanbul and other large cities.

But not only The CIA are out of Control,but so is The British Security Service:-

Woolwich: the naked power grab by British secret services is out of control

With the family of the trooper butchered in South London wrapped in mourning and grief, who bursts upon the scene with complete indignity but Sheila Rimmington, the one and only female spook to head MI5.



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