Is Ben Fellows OK?

UPDATE –  Ben Fellows is missing


Larry Robson said…
Has Ben Fellows fled? According to Bill Maloney of “pie and mash” he has. Can someone please remind him of what David Wilcock? of “Divine Cosmos” went through last December when he was threatened. David was told not to flee as they could track him down any time they want to from satellite. He was protected by “Anonymous” of the White Dragon Society. I think he will receive similar protection. Urge him to contact David who might be able to help.


All I saw is that the videos he released have been taken down.  The above comment could well be malicious or at least mistaken.  I have no way of checking it yet.

Ben’s radio show is ‘on air’, and is as lively as ever.  Someone’s trying things on.  I see nothing about Bill Maloney saying he’s fled ether.  His radio show features Agenda 21, which is well described by his guest, Rosa Koire.

The recording of all details of all resources, animals, and people is the first step before these can all be managed and controlled by central authority.  Sustainable development is also explained.

Here’s an earlier whistleblow Ben did on Infowars at the time he infiltrated G4S during the Olympics, saying the militarisation of East London was to get people accustomed to martial law.

and in an earlier Tap Blog post –
Police warn Ben Fellows to keep off the internet.

From pie’n’mash facebook page –

National media cover up what really happened outside court yesterday …. Bill Maloney and Max Clifford. Maloney protects Ben Fellows (fellow victim). Watch out for full footage. Maloney at his very best!

If Ben’s posts on The Tap are causing a few waves, then you should only expect a few potshots.  He’s been top story all week.

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