Irish MP calls Obama War Criminal and Hypocrite of the Century

Dear Tap,

little things…. saying well done, acknowledgement etc make a difference.

Graham Hancock’s subscriber e-mail today:

US President Obama called “War Criminal” and “Hypocrite of the Century” in the Irish Parliament. Clare Daly, Member of Parliament for Dublin North, exercises the ancient right of freedom of speech. 

Ned Pamphilon to Clare:

Claire, go girl! Brilliant!

Response from the brilliant Irish MP:

Dear Ned,

Thanks a million for getting in touch. We have had huge feedback, mostly positive, with a small number of people giving out hell. I think the whole portrayal of the visit by the media was just an attempt to cover up the real issues and record of the G8. I was glad to be able to rebalance the record a little and heartened that so many people agree.
All the best,
Clare Daly

Conclusion: she showed courage, she knows she’s not alone; isn’t the internet wonderful!


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4 Responses to “Irish MP calls Obama War Criminal and Hypocrite of the Century”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, This is a lady of our time.
    MP Clare Daly you have just given me Faith.
    Faith that there are some honest people left in this topsy turvey world.
    The Jewish brigade will be on the phones now to get her put into Coventry.
    Life for her now will not be comfortable, the Jews will be wanting her head on a platter.
    Obama is a Pimp as well as a liar, he has no morals or honesty. Either to Americans or his race.
    He is guilty of War Crimes, yet he is not in prison, just why is that !!

  2. Anonymous says:

    One voice is all it takes to blow the liars out the water. EK followed the well tried and tested response – just don’t answer the question.

    Clare Daly, another speaker-of-truth that will not be silenced, the ranks are growing. Mair powir tae yer elbow Clare. I hope your family and friends are right behind you, and I hope all Irish folk, and folk far-afield take inspiration from your heroic stand.

    Hold Fast, Jim Graham.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Stunning Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government

    The Obama administration leaks classified information continuously. They do it to glorify the President, or manipulate public opinion, or even to help produce a pre-election propaganda film about the Osama bin Laden raid. The Obama administration does not hate unauthorized leaks of classified information. They are more responsible for such leaks than anyone.

    What they hate are leaks that embarrass them or expose their wrongdoing. Those are the only kinds of leaks that are prosecuted. It’s a completely one-sided and manipulative abuse of secrecy laws. It’s all designed to ensure that the only information we as citizens can learn is what they want us to learn because it makes them look good. The only leaks they’re interested in severely punishing are those that undermine them politically. The “enemy” they’re seeking to keep ignorant with selective and excessive leak prosecutions are not The Terrorists or The Chinese Communists. It’s the American people.
    The Terrorists already knew, and have long known, that the US government is doing everything possible to surveil their telephonic and internet communications. The Chinese have long known, and have repeatedly said, that the US is hacking into both their governmental and civilian systems (just as the Chinese are doing to the US). The Russians have long known that the US and UK try to intercept the conversations of their leaders just as the Russians do to the US and the UK.

    They haven’t learned anything from these disclosures that they didn’t already well know. [He’s right.] The people who have learned things they didn’t already know are American citizens who have no connection to terrorism or foreign intelligence, as well as hundreds of millions of citizens around the world about whom the same is true. What they have learned is that the vast bulk of this surveillance apparatus is directed not at the Chinese or Russian governments or the Terrorists, but at them.

    And that is precisely why the US government is so furious and will bring its full weight to bear against these disclosures. What has been “harmed” is not the national security of the US but the ability of its political leaders to work against their own citizens and citizens around the world in the dark, with zero transparency or real accountability. If anything is a crime, it’s that secret, unaccountable and deceitful behaviour: not the shining of light on it.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Apparently distressed over the British Parliament’s decision not to participate in a limited, or otherwise, attack on Syria for alleged use on Aug. 21 of sarin gas by the Bashar al-Assad regime against the rebels and Syrian civilians, the Economist’s latest, Aug. 31 issue, in its editorial, “Hit him hard,” has appealed to President Obama to rain down missiles for a week on the dictator’s command-and-control centers, including his palaces.
    “From the Pentagon to Britain’s parliament, plenty of realpolitikers argue that doing nothing is the only prudent course,” the editorial said, and then pointed out that “doing nothing carries risks even bigger.” Needling Obama’s huge ego and his unstable state of mind, the editorial went on to egg Obama on to launch into yet another war by saying Assad had “after all stepped across Mr. Obama’s ‘red line’ several times by using these weapons on a smaller scale—and found that Mr. Obama and his allies blinked.” “An American threat, especially over WMD, must count for something; it is hard to see how Mr. Obama can eat his words without the superpower losing credibility with the likes of Iran and North Korea.”
    In conclusion, going through the motions of the usual British feigned “fair play,” “playing cricket,” and all that, the Economist said, “before the missiles are fired, Mr. Obama must give Mr. Assad one last chance; a clear ultimatum to hand over his chemical weapons entirely within a very short period. The time for inspections is over. If Mr. Assad gives in, then both he and his opponents will be deprived of such poisons—a victory for Mr. Obama.”
    What if Assad refuses that proposal? The editorial said, “he should be shown as little mercy as he has shown to the people he claims to govern. If an American missile then hits Mr. Assad himself, so be it. He and his henchmen have only themselves to blame.” ”
    ” In the end JACOB [ROTHSCHILD] decided to rename the Rothschild Investment Trust to RIT Ltd., but put management of its assets into the newly created J. Rothschild & Co. (stake in THE ECONOMIST newspaper, among other things)”
    EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD has been chairman of the newspaper THE ECONOMIST (1972–1989)
    ” LYNN FORESTER DE ROTHSCHILD: Wife of Sir EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD and runs E.L. Rothschild, LLC with him. Director of THE ECONOMIST since 2002 “

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