How you can become invisible to government

The Motherboard Guide to Avoiding the NSA

If you’ve been reading the headlines about the NSA mining intelligence data from the world’s largest data mongers, and haven’t already burnt down your house with everything you own in it and set sail for a libertarian expat community in Chile, then there are some less dramatic suggestions in store for you. Evading the NSA’s comprehensive surveillance system is no simple task, especially as we only know snippets of the agency’s capabilities. But we’re going to try our best.
First, it’s time to take an inventory of anything you own or are borrowing that can be traced. Phones, credit cards, cars, e-mail addresses, bank accounts, social media profiles, wi-fi coffee machines, residences, P.O. boxes, and so on—any piece of property where there is more than a handwritten cash receipt proving more than purchase price should either be ditched or reengineered to steer clear of the NSA’s radars.
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