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Pls consider this fast paced recording of a recent USA icon interview.

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TAP –  I started at 1 hour 15 minutes and it’s gripping stuff.   How they issue conflicting stories that don’t make any sense.  Some end up on this blog, I’m afraid to say.  People end up not bothering as they’re confused – cognitive dissonance.

Eugenicists, posing as philanthropists.  Genes will have to be patented.   Embryos to be licensed.  Licence to have children.  If they don’t like your genes, the embryo will be aborted.

Conservatives (opponents) to be put in FEMA camps.

Too many adverts in the breaks – American style.  Brits can’t take it!

Eugenics has been rebranded as molecular biology.  The Molecular Vision Of Life is a book which explains what’s going on.  MIT professor wrote book quoting many scientists.  They’re rebranding our culture to stop us being self-motivated individuals, so we can be easily collectivised.

The people doing this are trying to get people down to the level where dissent is totally out of the question.  Learned helplessness was a movie.  It’s the aim of the elites.  They aim to remove our choices.  They pose as if they’re the humanitarians.  Hegelian dialectic.  False flag terror.

Once globalists have control, they’re reducing the population by 80-90%.  That’s what they tell their own stooges.  In fact many of them won’t survive too and the figure could be much bigger, around 95%.  People within academia know the facts.  Agenda 21 depopulation is part of their agenda.  University types say – ‘well there are too many people’.  USA families only have 1.3 kids per family.

They allow racial invasion to destroy nations.  They allowed overpopulation in the third world to justify the later depopulation agenda.  Cybernetics is control (gubernator=helmsman in Latin).  

So many people are waking up, which wasn’t intended by the elites.  Is the human survival instinct overriding the NWO programmes.  

NSA monitoring has woken up many people.  The population of those who know is reaching critical mass and the elites are now rushing the programmes out as they’re afraid of a backlash.

Huxley – the slaves don’t even know they are slaves – won’t apply.  Orwell was a student of Huxley.  He was a student of H.G.Wells.  They aim to crush the human spirit.  They want us to submit.  What have they done to deserve our submission?  

They use sexual abuse of children to crush their individual spirit and personalities.  The sexualisation of children is aimed at achieving control.  War is redefined as ‘kinetic action’ to confuse people as to what is going on.  Only through reclaiming words that have meaning, and by talking with each other can we stop the removal of language and the resulting separation from each other.

Tragedy & Hope by Carroll Quigley –  There is an agenda, the Pilgrim Society etc – tracing back to Cecil John Rhodes, funded by John Rothschild.  Media control.  The LSE.  They assume people won’t be able to work out they’re being lied to.  Yet people have five senses, and can see that they are being lied to all the time.

The FBI makes bombers.   Bloomberg accused Alex Jones of making bombers, taking his words out of context.  He accused the government of weather warfare, the Oklahoma tornado being a deliberate weapon.  It’s illegal to state that so he said that weather warfare is already published.

We take the tools that were meant to enslave us and we use them to get our freedom back, such as the internet.

Advert about a film on Macchiavelli, a new movie exclsuively from Infowars – State Of Mind.   Macchiavelli didn’t mean his books to get out in public.  Yet they did.  Another author explained how the schemes can be undone once you know what Macchiavelli’s gameplan is.  Quigley wrote other books in the 1960s apart from Tragedy and Hope, a bit like Macchiavelli, and the programme can be understood by studying these books.

The elites want to create obedient servile workers in the Prussian method.  Being lazy and uninformed is like a shield, which people like.  Yet as a result, people are in debt, malnourished, overworked.  They are being dragged down.  Start fighting back.  Resistance is victory.

Even the rich and powerful realise they’re slaves of the system too.  The unocculting of information is the way to go. Education is occulting.  We need to inform and empower people.   They’re after our children first.  Education system is about putting people down to the point they stop thinking for themselves.

They don’t want everyone to wake up.  They trying to hold the ball under water.  The natural state of humanity is to be above the water.  Education is training children to become human resources for the globalists.  15000 hours of public schooling fills peoples’ minds mostly with total nonsense.

John Taylor Gatto discovered he was teaching falsehood by design, and creating dumbed down kids.  When he spoke out and tried to teach kids how to take initiative and think,  he was prevented from teaching.


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