It has come to light over the past week that the Jersey Care Home – Haut DeLa Garenne (HdelaG) – was still housing vulnerable children whilst the BBC were filming Bergerac. Team Voice, amongst others, were always under the impression that the filming of the Bergerac series only commenced once the care home had closed in 1986. 

15 vulnerable children were housed next door in the wing named Aviemore. 

The Bergerac series in question was series 4. HdelaG was featured in episode 1. This series was aired in 1985 and can be viewed below.

 If you go to 19 minutes you can view it for yourself.

I find it incredible that this was allowed to happen. We are talking about 1984/85 depending on when it was actually filmed. Has this ever happened before? There have always been the allegations of people, other than staff, coming and going at the care home over the decades but filming Bergerac with vulnerable children present is beyond belief. Did the BBC have location safe guards in place back then? The States of Jersey Police were well aware of the allegations of abuse taking place at the home having been told on numerous occasions.

 This really was an open care home.

Rico Sorda

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