Government gags its own employees while spying on us

Almost 5,000 civil servants and local council staff have been given lucrative severance packages which contain gagging clauses.
Over the past two years the business and climate change departments between them have signed confidentiality agreements worth over £4 million with 95 departing employees.
What has the climate change department got to hide, apart from the fact that ‘man-made global warming’ is the greatest con-trick the Government has ever pulled?
Between 2005 and 2010, for some unaccountable reason the latest figures available, the number of confidentiality deals agreed by councils soared from 179 to 1,027.
Brighton and Hove, Britain’s first Green-controlled council, topped the list, with 123 gagging agreements.
Aren’t the Greens supposed to be in favour of ‘transparency’? What are they so anxious to cover up?
I refer my honourable friend to the answer I gave earlier in relation to the department for climate change.
Commendably, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles are both trying to combat the use of public money to buy the silence of whistle-blowers in their departments.
But I fear they are swimming against a toxic tide.
Gagging NHS managers and Town Hall dissidents is simply part of a much wider, more sinister conspiracy against free speech and freedom of information in Britain.
As the State pries ever more intrusively into our lives, it is going to unprecedented lengths to shield itself from scrutiny.

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from David Turnbull

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2 Responses to “Government gags its own employees while spying on us”

  1. Julia says:

    This only happens because people are willing to be bought. When we stop putting money as our highest priority, things will start to change.

  2. Paul says:

    There are £68 million worth of compromise agreements (conservative estimate) with gagging clauses here, collected together in this wide ranging survey of 345 English local councils.

    When it comes to squandering public money hand over fist, discover here what your local council has been hiding from you:

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