GM foods cause severe inflammation to pigs’ stomachs

“Yet another damning study on GMOs has just been released, complete with photos showing the shocking degree of organ damage linked to GM soy and corn fed to animals.
This is the biggest news on the GMO science front since last year’s “GMO cancer rats” announcement. See the startling photos here:
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Acrylamide in many foods

    Even the BBC agree !!!

    Raised levels of a chemical linked to cancer have been found in a
    range of foods from KFC meals to
    breakfast cereals. So what are the risks involved and what are the food manufacturers doing to manage the levels of the chemical?

    Chips n crisps are also high risk.

    apparently as harmful as smoking when pregnant.

    Babies born smaller & with smaller heads seems provan harmfull.



    should be able to listen again

    Also see:-

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