Does the NWO fear the British Army?

What have they got planned for us?

Breaking News:- Army due 5000 Redundancy

Army redundancy letters expected

BBC News – 2 hours ago 
Up to 5000 military personnel are expected to receive redundancy letters in … Forces and the nation, the military covenant,” he told BBC News.


TAP – Contracting out military services is hugely profitable.  First you sack all the soldiers.  Then you whack in the bills for the taxpayer.  The wars are money-making ventures.


Of course the NWO fear the British Army….at least as it WAS! 
Just imagine for a moment a highly capable standing fighting force of battle hardened professionals fully trained in conflict and with some access to weapons/systems & one day finding themselves being forced to choose between their families, the general public at large, and arrayed against the people per-se, a rogue, illegal, out-of-control government/establishment we are all witnessing as the reality in a supposed democracy but is nothing less than organised fascism. 

I do believe that if our military was left intact and in strength they would ultimately mutiny against the government and side with the people.
The eu is carefully and furtively “ticking all the boxes” so everything goes according to their long term plans. The important facts to remember here are that our politicians and establishment are willingly cooperating in the greatest act of ongoing treason (for that is the reality) ever witnessed in our nations history.

The whole objective of the systemized emasculation of one of the closest-knit and capable fighting forces ever, is to ultimately erode the potential 
and growing probability of a mutiny and the ensuing melee thus creating the conditions for and allowing the forces personnel to come out on the streets in support of the british public. 
The NWO wants an amorphous military in uk made up of part time amateurs/foreigners who ultimately will prove incapable or be disallowed from defending even the borders of our own country if and when the need arises. They may well be “co-erced” however and will be well equipped to assist the emerging security para-military in brutally suppressing any internal civil strife……at least that is their hope, belief and intention unless thwarted by people power. 
The same reason is behind the emergence and super growth of G4S whose vision statement reads: “securing your world”. That statement at first glance looks innocous enough and note how it appears to be for OUR benefit!  We know however this is a clear statement of intent and not at all for the people’s welfare.
 Without doubt they will ultimately replace our own “bobbies” and when both our own police and military has all but disappeared we will all clearly see the utter disregard, contempt for the public and outright brutality on a par with nazi storm troopers here in our local communities and if we do not act now we will be powerless later.  

My advice to all those who have taken their 13 pieces of silver from the eu in flagrant violation of the English Bill of Rights of 1689 should pack up everything and leave our beloved country while they still have the dual luxuries of time and choice, for in the coming days “We the People” will not afford them ANY!  
The lists of names of common purpose members and the rest are all out there in the public domain and need to be circulated even further so when the time comes….as in that Alexander Potemkin moment, the people will know for sure who to blame and who to bring before a common-law peoples court and face swift, but fair justice.

“Rise like Lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number-

Shake your chains to earth like


Which in sleep had fallen on you

Ye are many-they are few.”

david, a freeman of England
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