Dive! Take cover! Or, at least, hold on to your pants

Chinese Banks Ready to Go Bust

Dive! Take cover! Or, at least, hold on to your pants in the scramble. The Chinese bubble has just burst. It looks like the world is going to have egg on its face and elsewhere as Chinese banks are scrambling to get the hands on cash.
Chinese cash rates didn’t just increase they shot through the roof today, Friday June 21st. This is not hyperbole. This is not exaggeration. They reached 25% when they were at their peak, and the only thing that calmed them down was the talk of a possible cash injection from the Chinese central bank. Rates dropped to 10%.
Some analysts are saying that the People’s Bank of China is trying to make a point to smaller banks that are using short-term funding for trading rather than lending that money out. That’s dicing with death some analysts reckon as some of the smaller banks are nearing collapse.
Overnight bond purchase rates are the measure of the cost of liquidity and the rates are double what they are expected to be at the present time (8.4920% today, which is lower than Thursday’s 11.62%, but still higher than they should be).

Two banks have refused to acknowledge that they received emergency loans from the People’s Bank of China last night to bail them out of trouble. Others say that they are strapped for cash. To boot, they are not just the small fish in the financial banking sector. The world’s largest bank in terms of assets was mentioned as being one of those banks (The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China). If the biggest banks in the world are currently strapped for cash, because they have been trading with that cash, then we may be preparing for another financial meltdown around the world. This time the question is: will it be bigger than the 2008 one? By the looks of it, yes. In 2008, China suffered also from the financial crisis around the world, but managed to maintain some sort of economic growth. Have the financial crisis and poor banking practices trickled through to the Chinese banks today leaving them without a cent available?
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