Depopulation started in England


A quick look at “overpopulation.”

It started in England, coincidentally
when the British elite were trying
to eliminate the Irish.

Interestingly, the overpopulation
people are most enthusiastic about
reducing populations where there
are a lot of non-Anglo people
who are sitting on a lot of natural
resources they want.

They never talk about reducing
the population of government


– Brasscheck

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  1. Chris Jones says:

    Off topic-I don’t know if this is only happening in Wales but posters for anti human/anti civilisation and pro narcisstic violence films like The Purge are being ripped down by members of the public in Cardiff. People are fed up of being fed a diet of hate and destruction by an increasingly desperate mainstream media. The media’s agenda of hate and nihilism is becoming more and more transparent to people

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