David Turnbull writes –

After reading about yet more filth and corruption AKA ken clarke, and the ongoing smokescreens and cover ups at the bbc, govt., and throughout the snide corruption riddled manure heap of establishment and in the sure and certain probability of far more high level peadophile activity, child-snatching by the SS and blindingly obvious depths of depravity, corruption and criminality being the norm for our establishment and as usual being alternately personally frustrated, very angry and at times incredibly disconsolate wonder if we cannot utilise a “peoples court” (much like the ITCCS.Org and Kevin Annett) to apprehend those corrupt religious and govt. ministers, freemasons, judges, police, banksters, common purpose traitors and the likes of blair, clegg, brown etc etc. throughout the length and breadth of our country in order to begin the purge of filth from our nation that we so rightly need and deserve as a people. 

Any minister or establishment person who has given succour and support to the eu has by definition committed treason as per the English Bill of Rights of 1689. 
I do believe if this process does not happen soon we will inevitably descend into the abyss of uncontrolled and very violent revolution which will sweep accross our nation like the proverbial whirlwind of fire unfortunately impacting the innocent as well as destroying the guilty.   
It is very obvious from the ever growing comments and protests that “We the People” have had enough of this grotesque, unlawful, unaccountable  & uncontrolled beast masquerading as “our” government, royalty or “public servants” collectively known as “the establishment” 
Are there any honest people left in influential positions within the media, government, commerce, police, judiciary, NHS or has EVERY available corner been infected and taken over by the likes of common purpose or some other eu/establishment lackeys and/or traitors?
Cancer has to be excised from the body in order for healthy tissue to regroup and restore and i am convinced the same is true for our once-free but rapidly disappearing nation.  We need to first shake off the constricting bonds of fascistic eu control before we are truly enslaved by the nwo and their accompanying carrion. The Magna Carta was quoted as something to be observed by governments of true value to their people by none other than Hugo Chavez prior to his last election and death.

Any minister or establishment person who has given succour and support to the eu has by definition committed treason as per the English Bill of Rights of 1689.

Just imagine such a marvelous document written in England and shared by many & observed with respect around the world and now consigned along with the English Bill of Rights of 1689 (both documents precursors to the American Bill of Rights) to the dustbin of history by our “own traitorous” establishment!!  

“And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. So help me God.”  Bill of Rights 1689. 

The avoidance or deliberate ignoring of this entry alone and the cooperation with the eu to “absorb” our nation into an amorphous european mass constitutes TREASON. Treason is still the highest crime in any society and in UK was punishable by death until tony blair repealed that penalty for treason in 1998. 
Oh my fellow countrymen awake and open your eyes to what has already befallen our nation, awake and strike that all important first blow for freedom, or suffer unbridled enslavement and death.
10,000 children go “missing” every year from govt. “care” homes and countless people of all ages are being systematically culled in our hospitals courtesy of nhs expedited agenda 21.  How many innocents have to suffer autism and other defects due to the eugenists vaccination progrom and how many illnesses do we have to endure due to the enforced deprivation of vitamin D caused by chemtrails?  Poisons in our food, water, medical supplies, military wildly out of control and for what??
It’s ALL for the banksters and others who control us and this planet, that’s who.  
The last surviving WW1 soldier in England died recently. His name was Harry Patch.
His family said he returned from that hell and never spoke of things no man should ever have to witness. One comment he made before he died will live with me always….he said….”war, is organised murder, nothing else”

And yet generation after generation we are conned into believing that “We the People” have an evil enemy to fight, which depending on your age and generation could be: germans, japanese, serbs, italians, americans, koreans, chinese, russians, iranians, syrians, libyans, the entire Muslim world or at least those parts of the Muslim world who don’t provide their oil on time and in a convenient payment package for the west.  I am now officially retired but becoming more active in this just cause to regain our freedoms and democracy.

Be assured these rights are not for englishmen alone but the whole global community of mankind…..we can be one single voice roaring as a lion and driving those scum before us as surely as stubble burning on the cornfield after the harvest. 
If i have learnt anything at all on my extensive global travels it’s this:  We as human beings are ALL the same whatever our creed, colour, beliefs and culture.
Without exception i have been afforded the utmost hospitality wherever i have travelled and trust me i have been in some lonely and wild places.

Everyone i met simply wants to live in peace and enjoy their families and pass on their knowledge and experience to the young people and provide a better education and lifestyle for their children so how do they differ from us in the west?   They DON’T!! ….so why should we allow, yes ALLOW our govt. via nato to bomb civilians in serbia, iraq, afghanistan, libya, syria etc. In whose name are THEY perpetrating war crimes and atrocities?  Not mine i can assure you!

That lying weasel, wee willie vague should be tossed, battered and barbecued for crimes against humanity, but there again we would need a humongous barby’ if we wanted to rid ourselves entirely of such dross. 
So, my friends how do we remove this despicable beast which has settled upon us craftily and carefully like a leaden fog blanket in the night? 
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4 Responses to “Treason”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Non-compliance on a mass scale. Problem is, not enough people have the bottle. This could be proven by calling for a boycott of the TV license and getting rid of the BBC propaganda machine. Won’t happen. I’m afraid we’re heading towards wholesale violence because the majority are that ingrained in their own bullshit lives they can’t see the bigger picture….. Honesty, integrity, honor and doing the right thing without thought of personal gain departed about 15b years ago.

    In other words we are fucked.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The majority of people live in a world of Corrie,Eastenders, Big Brother and the like with absolutely no idea what’s going on in the real world. I’m talking here of mature so called educated professional people who when confronted with reality simply can’t think outside their box with a look of bewilderment upon their faces.
    My advice to them would be to switch off the TV and look around the world via the internet and start reading alternative media news. The Tap would be an excellent place to start with its archive material.


    P.S. Come on WASP, hurry up with that DIY, I’m itching at the bit.

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    There’s more than enough information out there,it’s just meaningless until people wake up.How people can stand the terminal boredom of TV is beyond me.How they can believe the lying faces of politicians is a mystery.They are hypnotised to sleep,their survival instincts are turned off.Speak to people,comment on local forums,it’s no use preaching to the converted.Do it in a fun way,be charming,don’t insult them or tell them what to think.Open the curtain slowly and the light will wake them up.No one likes being coerced.

  4. AlanH says:

    David Turnbull and I are of one mind, and being a retiree myself, am almost overwhelmed with frustration and anger at the manner in which we are all being ‘controlled’. There is no escape from the shackles which have been surreptitiously put in place over the past 40-50 years. Make no mistake, all exits have been covered, and the Bilderberg meetings are held simply to ensure the drawstrings are pulled even tighter. There is ONLY one way out of all this mess, but, and this is the nub of the matter… will never happen, as the NWO know only too well….and that is mass public disorder. IOW – a peoples’ revolution. Having realised this myself, I am resigned, as are millions of others, to end my days in quiet peaceful retirement, taking advantage of those things I am still allowed to enjoy. My one regret, perversely, is that I had children, as their future is dire, and I am powerless to do anything about it.

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