David Icke meets Alex Jones for the first time. They broadcast together from Watford Hotel

The Sun newspaper writes a spoof article about conspiracy theorists attacking the Bilderberg in Watford at The Grove Hotel.  It seems like nonsense.  


JONES –  No one gets to this level of government unless they belong to a secret society which deals in the abuse and torture and killing of children.  No wonder Cameron’s so desperate to stop any enquiries that get close to revealing the truth.

Icke explains that the elites are targeting poverty for all – bank account seizure.  They bankrupt you so they can buy you on pennies on the dollar.

Jones says that by 2020 half the people in Britain will have cancer.  Half of Americans will have diabetes.  Alzheimers will affect millions far too early.  The elites are determined to reduce our numbers by 80%.

ICKE   –  If you can suppress the sense for the possible, people will sit and allow them to do it all. The mainstream media transfer a feeling of hopelessness to the population.

JONES – devil worshippers with nuclear weapons.  satanic pedophiles.  all the big institutions around the globe.

ICKE –  Let information be your guide, not preconceived ideas.  Bilderberg is a strand within a conspiracy so deep so powerful that your mind cannot take it in.  They only prosper because we are so ignorant as to what they are doing, and are planning.  They are a house of cards, which depends on humanity en masse staying asleep.  Not something to fear, something to face.  It is happening now – a massive cull of the population – destroying the human immune system, the human mind – Monsanto producing the GM foods that destroy us – the pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines which are designed to destroy our immune systems, and sterilise us.

infowarsshop.com has many products which might be useful when the state agencies don’t defend you in a crisis.

JONES – all of Bilderbergers in the cars driving in with Daily Mail saying ‘Child porn teacher allowed back into classroom’ headline covering their faces.

ICKE – 30 minutes – satanic rituals include gods operating outside human sight – this is why they are so into satanism and pedophilia.  They feed off human energy, they feed off fear.  They feed off death.  The energy these entities want above all else is a child’s energy before puberty.  The pedophile having sex with children are possessed by entities that are feeding on this energy.

The dramatic ratio of pedophiles and satanists – they are systematically possessed in rituals – that’s how it’s done.  They are possessed and become conduits for the energy from children for the entities that possess them.

JONES – you don’t get not the upper echelons of the elite unless you belong to a cult that hurts children.  I walked across a line in Stonehenge and felt instantly energised.

ICKE – It’s a web of energy.  Where the lines cross, there is  vortex.  There is a unifying field which joins everything.  If you do things on the energy nodes, you affect the whole energy of the earth.  It’s controlled by the same network.  The elites don’t want you to understand the world you’re living in.

The royal family – Jimmy Savile – pedophilia, child sacrifice  45 minutes.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What I find encouraging about the Sun story is the amount of comments from people who aren’t just laughing at silly David Icke but actually showing that they know what’s going on in Watford this weekend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The odious William Hague on government spying: “nothing to hide, nothing to fear”…


    Andrew Marr show this morning.


    “The net effect is that if you are a law-abiding citizen of this country going about your business and personal life you have nothing to fear about the British state or intelligence agencies listening to the content of your phone calls or anything like that.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anybody remember ‘V’ – the original TV show.

    Our ‘leaders’ might just be ‘reptilians’. LOL:


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