Cyril Smith and Greater Manchester Police: A cover-up of colossal proportions

Last month Exaro News revealed that Greater Manchester Police had abandoned their investigation into the sexual abuse of boys by the late Liberal MP, Sir Cyril Smith. Apparently the NSPCC had offered to help conduct a fact-finding survey similar to the one carried out on Jimmy Savile, but the GMP refused.

Cyril Smith is known to have abused boys at Cambridge House hostel and Knowl View special school, both in Rochdale. GMP recently announced that they are investigating allegations of child sexual abuse at Knowl View dating back to the 1970s, but they are not investigating allegations against Smith.
GMP have denied that the Cyril Smith investigation is closed, saying that if anyone wants to come forward they would ‘record this to recognise the abuse the victim has suffered’ .Which basically means that the Cyril Smith investigation is closed, but GMP are pretending that it’s not.
So, why have Greater Manchester Police closed the investigation, and why did they refuse the offer of a large scale fact-finding survey?
Is it because the evidence they would find would be extremely damaging to all major political parties? What has leaked out so far is the tip of the iceberg. Smith was offending for decades and was protected by the Establishment. Look at what we know already:
– Cyril Smith abused boys at hostels and special schools in Rochdale.
– Police were aware he was a paedophile in 1965, seven years before he became an MP.
– Cases against Smith were referred to the CPS at least three times, but no action was taken.
– Senior Liberals knew all about Smith, but said nothing.
– Former Liberal leader David Steel claims he ‘never received any complaints’ about Cyril Smith
– Smith was an associate of paedophile Jimmy Savile
– Smith and ‘a former Cabinet Minister’ were ‘regularly handed boys’ by child killer Sidney Cooke
– Smith was connected to Peter Righton, who was part of a network of paedophiles that abused boys in care homes and schools across the UK.
So imagine what else would come to light if a full fact-finding investigation was carried out? This is what Greater Manchester Police and the Government are scared of. Unlike Operation Yewtree, it wouldn’t be possible to divert the investigation towards washed-up celebrities. It would inevitably lead towards children’s homes, special schools, guest houses, MPs, Lords, and powerful Establishment figures.
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