Conservative population killers turn to the GMO weapon to accelerate deaths and sterility around the world

‘Safer than conventional food’: Push to make UK world GMO leader sparks outrage

Britain’s top environment official has called to bring GM to the UK praising it as “a safe and proven innovation” which would help “feed the world”. Green campaigners slammed the push saying that farmers should provide for the globe, not GM giants.
UK’s Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, has urged the government, industry and scientists to join forces in tackling the widespread public fear and skepticism about genetically modified crops. 
No commercial GM crops are currently grown in Britain, with the official launching a campaign to change that to bring a possible multi-billion industry to the country. 
“It is our duty to explore technologies like GM because they may hold the answers to the very serious challenges ahead,” Paterson said his speech at the Rothamsted Research agricultural institute. “I want the UK to have a leading role in feeding the world.” 
Paterson has called GM “a safe, proven and beneficial innovation”, which above all provides effective ways to increase crop yields, reduce fertilizer use, improve the efficiency of agricultural production and reduce post-harvest losses. 
“The use of more precise technology and the greater regulatory scrutiny probably make GMOs even safer than conventional plants and food,” he said.
TAP – Genetic modification could be used to feed the world, but it is in fact being used to further the depopulation agenda.  Also to promote the interests of one of the biggest killers in the world Monsanto.  Paterson’s been bought.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    the thing is we dont need gm crops, we have enough normal seeds to feed the world anyway – we could stop hunger tomorrow for every single human being on the plant . but you FUCKING HUMAN HATING SCUM LIKE PATTERSON SICK BASTARD ARE GOING TO KILL YOUR OWN FAMILY OF THE EARTH ALL FOR MONEY YOU STUPID IDIOTS

  2. med belb says:


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  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Well I never thought you would say anything bad about Patterson.
    It took some time for the penny to drop.
    There are some genuine MP’s, few and far between.
    As long as you have realised, the truth hurts.
    It’s ‘them’ and ‘us’, never to be equal.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Paterson has done lots of very good work in the past. He’s just got sick of being stuck in Northern Ireland and was offered a chance to get out. If he leaves politics for a Monsanto directorship at $500,000 a year, our suspicions will be justified. He’s certainly got religion about GMOs, and apparently doesn’t realise he’s being used as the deliverer of the depopulation agenda’s most vicious weapon system. His family will be sterilised and die from cancers as surely as everyone else’s.

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