Cliff Richard, Cherie Blair, Melvyn Bragg, Operation Fernbridge, Friends in High Places and the Barbados connection

By thecolemanexperience June 10, 2013

It’s comforting to know that beloved Christian singer Cliff Richard has friends in high places.
He kindly leant his villa in Barbados to close chum Tony Blair.
Cliff was so concerned that Tony was looking ‘haggard’ after starting the Iraq war that he took it upon himself to do a good deed.
Tony’s wife Cherie Blair QC is also close to Cliff.
She loves nothing better than to attend award ceremonies with Cliff and let the world know what a great guy he is.
They’ve even been joined by another pal, TV personality Melvyn Bragg.
Some voices have alleged that Cliff and Melvyn share a rather repulsive hobby that the average person would find sickening.
Other voices have alleged that Cliff is linked to notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House and used the pseudonym, Kitty.
Yet others claim that Cliff is a person of interest to Operation Fernbridge officers.
Some have questioned why Cliff recently renounced his British citizenship and is now a fully fledged Barbadian.
It may well be that Cliff will need a damn good lawyer in the not too distant future.
He need have no fear.
We’re sure Tony and Cherie would be only too delighted to offer their services.
After all : ‘One good deed deserves another.’
Is that not the Christian way?

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5 Responses to “Cliff Richard, Cherie Blair, Melvyn Bragg, Operation Fernbridge, Friends in High Places and the Barbados connection”

  1. Anonymous says:

    some years back Cliff Richard lived with the black calypso songer cy grant, cy would bring back boys from his club outings, the BBc sent him and cliff a written reminder to be careful of the press getting hold of this.
    Cliff was often found near where i worked hanging round the barracks talking to guardsmen, the guys who work the CCTV got sick of seing his number plate up on their screen every day. both cliff and cy are in fact satanists, Mossad tried to blackmail him to do some concerts in isreal

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Tony Blair”

    THE :- Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

    Would that be the same? covert Charles Lynton Blair? on court records now believed lost?

    Who did a USA George Michael but in London’s dirty latrines.

    Caught importuning in a Westminster toilet?

    Apparently pleaded guilty to importuning in public toilets at Bow Street Magistrates Court and was fined GBP 50.00

    wow what a legal smart trick to be you but distract-fully use your name.

    who could have thought of a devious move like that?



  3. Julia says:

    It seems that anyone who was on Saturday family viewing time at the BBC is part of the paedophile ring at the BBC. These people became household names, and we took them into our homes via the TV, Trojan Horse style. It almost felt like they were family, as they were always around when the family spent time together, watching the good old family friendly BBC on a Saturday. My parents approved of it all, and it was our entertainment. They didn’t know any better, they were tricked like everyone else. But I can still remember cringing at some of the lewd comments and jokes, hearing the audience laughter, and knowing that the acceptable way to behave was to laugh, and that my inner reaction to cringe was somehow going to be considered wrong.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Wow! this article got pushed down the list fast, wonder why.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Theres a common thread running through these stories that smack of deep cover-up, protecting pop stars and celebrities and MPs and much higher up people. Files are mysteriously lost – Wherever children are abused true upright people must dig and unearth the corruption and filth and eradicate it from our society. May perpetrators of innocence of children be damned for all eternity and burn in the fires of Hell – a sickened Grandmother

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