Cancer foods to avoid

Acrylamide in many foods

Even the BBC agree !!!

Raised levels of a chemical linked to cancer have been found in a range of foods from KFC meals to
breakfast cereals. 

So what are the risks involved and what are the food manufacturers doing to manage the levels of the chemical?

Chips n crisps are also high risk.

apparently as harmful as smoking when pregnant.

Babies born smaller & with smaller heads –  seems proven harmful.



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2 Responses to “Cancer foods to avoid”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Duuuu Would it be possible to have your early morning cereal meal

    Made substantially with –

    GMF Frankenstein Corn


    Hydrogenated fats

    Purified white sugar

    Aspartame or other sweetners

    Doctor’d Milk

    Getting off to a good start has never been better.

    Thankyou to those with white coats

    can you add anything to this list your comments greatly appreciated.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Could it get any worse?

    Chemically polluted water.

    Chemically polluted Air.

    Chemically polluted food.

    Is there any escape from the trap?

    All alternative health foods seem to be getting harder & dearer to come by.

    But easy junk food & fast food outlets seem to be everywhere.

    some one has a plan help.



    Please prove you’re not a robot

    words were:-

    sanctuary off scho