Bloggers! Watch out for obots…

Before It’s News Under Attack? (How to Spot an Obot Troll)
I don’t know exactly when it started but something has changed at this website (Before It’s News). The site appears to be flooded with trolls spouting disinformation on the comment section of many, many stories. These comments have a number of things in common including the fact that they are of little or no value to anyone and rarely even discuss the merits, facts or premise of any story. One cannot be sure how many of them are paid by Unions or Obama’s “Organizing for America” but its a sure bet that some certainly are on someones payroll. So how do you spot a disinformation agent, Obama troll or “Obot” (the common term for these types of commentors)? I will now answer that in three ways; Two posts by a concerned user at Before It’s News and an analysis of a story with the archetypal Obot troll:
First all what is an internet troll? A commentor named “last gasp” answered this very well
“The purpose of a troll is not to intelligently discuss various issues but to minimize the importance of dissenting opinions by ridiculing serious participants expressing political views the troll finds objectionable.”
This commentor has another post where he tells you how to spot an Internet troll:
Criteria for helping to identify a professional troll:
1) The person’s posts are usually short and snarky, with reasonably correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, suggesting both intelligence and education.
2) The posts are on the edge of acceptability, with little or no profanity or vulgar language that would get the post flagged immediately.
3) The person has a high ratio of posts to the number of days on the site, suggesting he’s posting comments nearly full time and is getting paid to troll.
4) The person’s posts are consistently belittling, rather than intelligent objections and points

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3 Responses to “Bloggers! Watch out for obots…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    the israeli whsistlebower moishe solomons has said on radio that there are teams of mossad trolls all over the world, many are student teams with many aliases, the rotten ness of the jews is apparent here.

  2. Mossad trolls, CIA trolls, MI5 trolls, KGB trolls….I would wager most government security services use them use them. The internet is just another Battleground.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’d just like to say I’m not a Mossad troll or one of these obots. But then I would say that even if I was one wouldn’t I? You decide.

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