Blair denies affair with Wendi Deng

Hi Tap, I have heard it said on many occasions, “GOD DOESN’T USE MONEY TO PAY HIS DEBTS” is this further proof of this Statement. SO THE MIGHTY  SHALL FALL, or is this just another Diversionary Tactic, designed to take your Eyes Off Of The Ball, whilst they try to Slip More Stuff Under The Wire?

There are loads of links  on this, here are The Google Links Tony Blair strongly denies affair with Wendi Deng 
The Main Link I have sent was pulled out of a Scouring Meta Search Engine, that Drags Everything up, & unless you have a Fast PC, the Screen Freezes, & can cause problems, which is why I didn’t send tat Source.
WE Should also not forget That The Odious Blair, Is a PAPAL KNIGHT, yet another one of Those SMOMS, The Common Denominator, linking High Ranked Askanazi Zionist Jews, & The VATICAN. Remember what I Told You. SMOMS ARE THE VATICAN’S, AGENTS IN THE FIELD BLAIR IS A JESUIT also see 
The Rothschild dynasty Guardians of the Vatican Treasury a link I have previously given, some time back

Rupert Murdoch Divorce: Tony Blair’s Spokesperson Denies Rumors of Affair With Wendi Murdoch

7:40 AM PDT 6/14/2013 by Stuart Kemp

UPDATED: A rep in the former British Prime Minister’s office dismissed suspicions swirling around his friendship with the News Corp. mogul’s wife.

LONDON – A spokesperson for Tony Blair flatly denied media rumors that Wendi Murdoch is romantically involved with the former British prime minister.



When contacted by The Hollywood Reporter, the rep said: “If you are asking if they are having an affair, the answer is no.” UPDATE: It has since been made clear toTHR by Blair’s rep that there has never been an affair. 

TAP – What we hear of Blair’s interest in young memebers of his own sex makes the suggestion of affairs with powerful women, a recurring theme, seem very unlikely.  It’s good cover for him to be associated with such stories.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Would this be Tony B liar, Charles Lynton or Miranda?

  2. Anonymous says:

    this may be the start of the Blair ‘ come back ‘, when he is proved innocent.

  3. More likely Cherie was shagging Wendi Dong while Tony was playing with the kids.

    We will cover this in chapter 17 of our f(r)iction.

    Chapter 16, for those who tire of are more serious posts, is below.

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