Bilderberg protest meeting banned by cowardly Watford Council

Bilderberg Fringe Festival “Banned” by Watford Council and Police – Protesters Unfazed


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Organizers and protesters react to a Bilderberg protest event getting banned by local police.

bilderbergBy David Icke
June 3, 2013
I have had nothing to do with the organisation of this peaceful protest against the manipulation of world events by the Bilderberg Group at the Grove Hotel in Watford next week, but I did agree to speak there on Saturday, June 8th, along with Alex Jones.
The organisers have played the game absolutely straight, fair and by the rules by consulting with the police and Watford Borough Council to find a suitable location near the hotel that would be non-disruptive to the local community.
The organisers agreed with the police that Cassiobury Park, about two miles from the entrance to the Grove, would be the most suitable location but now Watford Borough Council has refused the request to hold the event next weekend because the application was not made three months in advance.
How can you apply three months in advance when the Bilderberg Group does not publish its intended locations and so they are only uncovered close to their meetings? This is, in effect, a ban on the festival and there is no right of appeal.
Objectors to it going ahead included Hertfordshire police. What the police and the council should now take into serious account is the anger and outrage there will be among the thousands who were planning to be there at having their right to peaceful protest against a sinister and despicable organisation denied by the same police and council that are licking the arse of the Bilderberg organisers.
Yes, sir, no, sir, G4S, sir. Any protest is now confined to a tiny area near the entrance to the Grove Hotel and what if very large numbers of people who have had enough of the tail wagging the elephant turn up at the entrance to the Grove Hotel itself en masse?
I will certainly be there on Saturday and speak in whatever form I can and I am sure that Alex Jones will do the same. Think on, dark suits and uniforms, think on, because we THE PEOPLE have fucking had enough.
This is a public number for the Hertfordshire Police if you want to peacefully make your feelings clear about this: 01707 354000. This number is publicly listed for ‘general police enquiry, advice and information’. P.S.: There is a comment on the link below which suggests that what is written here is a ‘thinly-veiled’ threat with regard to peaceful behaviour.
I despair sometimes, I really do, after spending the last 25 years campaigning for non-violence (see video Bilderberg non-comply dance). This is the sequence that I am talking about: Location for peaceful protest denied; outrage at denial of freedom of expression leads to people saying ‘I am going anyway’.
The ‘consequences’ that I am talking about are the sheer numbers that this could potentially bring to a location where they have nowhere to go. The last thing we need is violence in any situation and nor, for that matter, do we need fast asleep people who think they are awake.
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2 Responses to “Bilderberg protest meeting banned by cowardly Watford Council”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let us look at Icke’s rhetoric. “We THE PEOPLE have had enough”.

    So how will that be manifest? In violence so they can justify martial law? Or simply by following Icke’s various media campaigns along with the offer to buy his related merchandise which like Alex Jones never takes you anywhere and yes I have read his books and they are poorly written containing spurious claims or at least misleading information.

    If we THE PEOPLE are truly going to do something then we need to simply DISOBEY immoral demands by government as protesting has very limited effect.

    I do such regularly.

    And just who are “WE THE PEOPLE” Icke claims to represent?

    It’s BS as he does nothing for the people except fleece them.


  2. Tapestry says:

    It will take ten more years for most people to get it as to what is going on with NWO, just as it took them twelve years too long to get the EU. That’s the problem. The NWO can sort all its programs out with ease due to lack of any opposition.

    Icke and Jones might be charlatans but they’re useful charlatans in that they help to inform people.

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