Bilderberg location checked out on video – The Grove

Watford Junction.
Hempstead road.
Interesting story about why Brits drive on the left.
London Bridge only allowed people to drive carriages on the left so whips were used down the middle of the road.
20 minute walk from Clapham Junction to The Grove.
It’s off a manic main road, between the M25 and Watford, close to Heathrow.
They will probably use the back entrance away from the manic main road.
It’s a nicer approach over a bridge over canal through trees, past a golf course.
(very nice camera being used with amazing zoom)

The heavies move in and ask questions.
The management are concerned.
Please turn off the camera etc.

Police Officer in Rider Cup top dressed as a golfer, asks him questions, first pretending to be hotel staff.
Interesting course of conversation between Police and the filmmaker.
He pretends to switch off the camera, but keeps recording the conversation.

Not under arrest, he walks off with Police following him out, helicopter hovering overhead.  This is weeks before the Bilderberg event.  Terrifying, he says.

Politicians are immune from investigation.

Then he’s stopped by a police car.  The crew demand to know his name.  Another interesting conversation.  He went along a public footpath through the golf course.  Police keep asking him for identification, talking about suspicion.

He says, ‘Am I under arrest?’  NO.  So he walks off.  The Police pursue him and keep asking him questions.  Another man invites him for coffee, alleging the hospital killed his wife.

Then he gives the Police a talk on loss of freedom… freedom to wander about – pretends to switch off the camera again.  He tells the Police officer to allow him to go.

‘Tell me the law you are trying to enforce.’

Good discussion at the end.  The Police woman says,’I want to read your blog.’

The fact is that bloggers who give their names to the Police consider they’ve lost, he tells the Police.

He asks them about the privatisation of the Police.  Are you not upset? he asks them.

They’ve left their car running, he says.  That concerns me.

Prince Edward 7th came to The Grove for sordid orgies.  You are protecting multibillionaires who have the protection of MI5 and MI6.

He films Police driving away.
The same guy who did this video also did this 10 minute video too. Gives background into the security/Police protecting the Bilderberg/Elite cockroaches: 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That was an excellent video, I must try to remember the words he used the next time some copper asks me my name.

  2. Anonymous says:

    great video, well worth the watch

  3. Anonymous says:

    The same guy who did this video also did this 10 minute video too. Gives background into the security/Police protecting the Bilderberg/Elite cockroaches:

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