Bilderberg discussed global taxation

Is Tax ‘Charade’ a Clue on Major Bilderberg Goal?

By Mark Anderson
WATFORD, U.K.—Credible United Kingdom sources are saying that a new global tax appears to be a high priority for Bilderberg attendees who once again are colluding behind closed doors, while circled by well-armed security, here at the Grove Hotel June 6-9, some 18 miles outside of London. And the global tax idea appears destined to carry over to the 39th Group of Eight (G8) summit, to be held June 17-18 at the Lough Erne Resort, Northern Ireland.
Indications are that recent controversy which erupted between British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office at 10 Downing Street and the Google technology giant—in which the government is claiming that California-based Google is failing to meet its U.K. tax obligations—is a contrived story, meaning it’s likely a created crisis, to try and incite U.K. citizens into supporting a global corporate tax that would “punish” those greedy corporations and make them pay.
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