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2013 is a bizarre year. Lots of whistleblowers. Yet the Mainstream media is for the most part attacking Edward Snowden. Michael Hastings was obviously killed and the corporate media says nothing. As I said several times before the Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich reported there are 147 corporations that run the world and that these companies are essentially one entity through interlocking Boards of Directors. That includes the media and Hollywood. The engine and transmission Hastings car was propelled 200 feet down the street. The police had no explanation for the engine separating itself from the car.  Witnesses said the car hit a tree after it blew up. This all happened after Hastings had said that he was going to release evidence of CIA corruption.
The first movie is ELYSIUM which stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. The Matt Damon character encounters a robot policeman at a bus stop, The robot has no sense of humor. He reads Damon’s heart and blood pressure and offers him a pill to calm him down. The robot thinks Damon is mocking him so he hits him knocking him down. Then the robot says, “Thank you citizen” and leaves him to make his way to work.

This movie should be a red alert to the police and the military. The Bilderberg Society has your robotic replacement already lined up. You should bring up Benghazi to police and military veterans. The US Banker Occupied Government has decided to transfer weapons to Al Qaeda. Ambassador Chris Stevens was an obstacle so the State Department hired a terrorist organization to run his security. Then they ordered both the CIA and the military Special Forces, Navy and regular Army to stand down for 6 to 7 hours while he was being killed. That really lets men in the field and in Harms Way. They fired and/or demoted 14 high ranking officers to cover up the stand down.
If you are a policeman, this movie reveals what Bankers really think of you.
In another scene the machines that provide medical care to the workers diagnosed Damon with fatal radiation poisoning. The robot who did the diagnosis told him he would die in five days. The robot gave him pain pills, sent him home thanking him for his service. That factory saved money by allowing dangerous and unsafe conditions to kill workers.
This scene is a great insight into both Obamacare and the US economy. Obama has Death Panels for the US workers who have outlived their usefulness. The British NHS uses the Liverpool Protocol as a guideline to kill 130,000 patients a year. America already kills more than that already through medical mistakes.  Things are about to get much worse for American workers because the bankers have stolen all of their pension funds.
Catherine Austin Fitts has talked to industrialists, financiers and futurists who are planning robot factories and robot restaurants and driverless trucks and cars to eliminate millions of jobs over the next 10 years. This would explain the poisons in our food, water and vaccines to thin out the herd.
The US is developing a robot police and military force. They already have announced a robot that can run 35 miles per hour and kill citizens at a distance of a mile. They also have mini-drones the size of an insect. It can fly around and spy on you. These drone ‘insects’ can upload information to a satellite. They can also use facial recognition software to identify you, The 2010 American census included a GPS location for every home. Those mini-drones can also execute you with an electric shock. In case of a city wide food riot the Pentagon can release 100,000 of these mini-drones to force you and everyone in your home town back into obedience.
Contrast the life of Matt Damon to the life of Jodie Foster who lived with the top 1%. She had medical care that extended human life. She also did not get stopped by rude and violence prone robots at bus stops.
The other movie of interest coming out this summer is World War Z which is a war against Zombies. Brad Pitt leads the UN war on Zombies. The US DHS has had drills in which the enemies are Zombies. Zombie is a code word for a desperate  person who has mo Food Stamps or money to buy food. This will be a frequent occurrence after the dollar crashes due to excessive greed, ignorance, and corruption. The numbers of desperate people will be augmented by tens of millions who can no longer afford SSRIs, Xanax, Zoloft, Prozac and other addicting, mind altering drugs that had been subsidized by the government. Add to that number another 50 to 80 million whose wages will be cut in half after the dollar crashes and prices double and you will understand what the Bankers are worried about.
In the movie the UN discovers that South Africa and Israel had the right idea all along – Apartheid. Separate out the poor and kill them all. In the book the UN uses the Zombies to attack and kill white middle class Americans. Left unsaid is what happens to the tens of millions of Americans who depend on medications to keep them alive. After the dollar crashes and chaos reigns supreme, those people will die along with those who were otherwise in good health but will have nothing to eat.
This movie has been released into theaters. I have heard that the trailer is far superior to the movie which is abysmal.
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