‘Ben Fellows’ Spills The Beans’ removed by Google

Ben said the video wouldn’t last long and he was right.  I made a copy of it in written form outlining the principle comments he made.  The post has now been removed.

The only previous post to be so removed by Google was the one featuring Al Fayed’s video of the assassination of Diana and Dodi.

The truth is not allowed out under any circumstances.

Why people say Ben Fellows’s revelations are a publicity stunt defeats me.  No doubt as well as deleting his stories, the people he feels have wronged him over the years are keen to discredit him.  I don’t see attention-seeking as his motivation, but a need to talk about what is going on in Britain, so people see what kind of country this actually is.

Interestingly he’s teamed up with Bill Maloney, another former victim of the child abuse system, that Britain operates with the full protection of the Police, the legal system and the political system.  These are brave individuals who face an uphill struggle getting their message across.


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  1. All Roads to Hades are Equal says:

    I believe Bill Maloney, but I won’t believe a man who has written stories for the Telegraph, Express and Mirror, as well as appeared on Russia Today, BBC and infowars.com. He makes some extremely dubious claims, and has an extremely dubious public sector address.



    Ben Fellows is friends with Madonna, and supports her right to buy another African baby


    Ben Fellows plans to fly round the world in a paraglider (in spite of being disabled with a heart condition) setting a new record and raising 1 million quid for RAF. This never happened, obviously.


    And Ben Fellows has a free energy pyramid. Producing 20 degrees excess heat. Hooray! Ben Fellows is not only a world famous superstar, he can also create energy out of nothing. What can’t this guy do?

    I hope you can see where I am coming from Tap. A lot of people are getting sucked into his blag, simply cos he mentions institutional paedophilia in the world of showbiz and politics – something demonstrably true, and worth fighting against. But just cos he mentions it, it doesn’t make all his claims true. To me, he is clearly another disinfo agent, and he is there to lower the credibility of real child abuse victims with his spurious claims.

    Hope you come to see things as I have. Good Luck everyone!


  2. Tapestry says:

    All sources have limitations, go through phases as they acquire knowledge of what is going on. Ben has changed his viewpoint over many years finally getting to the point of his current understanding. No one person knows it all, and no source is foolproof. Yet we need sources.

  3. All Roads to Hades are Equal says:

    We need sources….But are Madonna’s chums good sources? Ben Fellows uses an ‘Oldfield filter’ to try and persuade us that his pyramid is something special. This filter is used by charlatans in parapsychology and spirituality. He claims to have a free energy device. I am a hobby scientist, and I have seen a million and one scammers, and Ben Fellows gets the trophy for the least convincing free energy device.

    And then there is the round the world paragliding trip…with a heart condition…Come on. Let’s be honest. WHO is this guy?

    But the clincher is his public sector house…what’s his job exactly? U don’t get public sector housing in Greenwich without being a public sector worker. So what is his position in relation to the government.

  4. Tapestry says:

    I would not trust anyone or even myself if past record was taken as evidence of current understanding.

  5. Tapestry says:

    It’s a bit like saying David Icke worked for the BBC which proves he’s a reptilian and a paedophile. Or that Alex Jones went to a Jesuit College.

    Therefore everything they say or do for the rest of their lives is tainted.

    Often the ones who see the evil most clearly are those who lived amongst it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I disagree.

    Firstly, his house is not ‘his past’. It is his present. He is CURRENTLY living in Public Sector housing, which makes him a government worker right here, right now.

    Secondly, he made the claims about free energy about 3 weeks ago, on his utube channel. Hardly the distant past.

    Thirdly, the round the world trip was last year. Also pretty recent.

    Alex Jones and Icke are hardly my heroes in the world of exposing evil and crime. Sure, David and Alex occasionally get things right (e.g Savile), but really they just get the info from someone else (who is the real hero) and spread it. I’m glad they spread the info, but they spread a lot of disinfo too, in my opinion. Much like Ben Fellows! So, if you like the truth served up with a good dose of lies too, make sure u hero worship Icke, or Jones, or Ben Fellows.

    The real heroes are US!!! We need to understand that WE are able to expose this corruption ourselves. We don’t need these guys who turn up at Bilderberg and take autographs. We should be taing action ourselves, as you do TAP, with his blog – good for you. Thats why I come here.


  7. Anonymous says:

    He seems to come up with his own news sparked by stories already in the media (e.g. Madonna adopting African babies [says he got e-mail from Madonna about this], Olympics security and G4S [woman G4s whistleblower reported about in the Daily Mail, then Ben contacts Alex Jones almost a month later], Savile story breaks [he then claims grope, alleged celeb abuses, etc.], Woolwich soldier’s murder [he claims to have been threatened with the same kind of death on the same day by someone standing outside wearing a black face mask – but, when telling this story only a week later, he names the wrong day of the week, not the day of the soldier’s murder; his wife makes the same mistake in her interview about his alleged disappearance]. Perhaps the paragliding idea was prompted by something else too.

    Agree with the ‘blagging’ comment above!

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