Ben Fellows says Ken Clarke has nothing to fear

Dear Tap
I am alive and well and I would just like to thank you and all your readers for your concern and hard work with getting my story out. I am now still in hiding after speaking at Bilderberg over the weekend, Julia and I have separated after losing our home in London and jobs etc. However, I am amongst friends and hopefully the situation will improve over the next few weeks as the situation unfolds. 
Just a quick update on the case. I complained to the IPCC concerning my treatment at the hands of DCI Paul Settle and “Others” from the Met Police Paedophile Unit Operation Fairbridge. The IPCC have just got back to me stating that they cannot investigate as the case has now been reopened for investigation.
I will keep you posted on any further developments but at this point I just wanted to make contact and to thank you. I also want to thank everyone who attended Bilderberg over the weekend who were all so supportive. I was a very scared person when I arrived after a week on the run and left with about two thousand people now knowing my story and of course many new friends.
My aim now is to keep going and my message to Kenneth Clarke MP is that if he’s done nothing wrong then he has nothing to fear by speaking to the Police, making a statement and facing me in a court of law.  
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Illusion of

    Trust faith & belief of people in high places.

    News: Stuart Hall jailed for 15 months for sex assaults

    BBC News:-
    BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall, 83, is jailed for 15 months for sexually abusing girls as it emerges some of his victims plan to sue.
    Stuart Hall: Disgraced veteran BBC presenter jailed for 15 months over child sex attacks‎


  2. Anonymous says:


    If he was caught a some 30 years old & a unknown.

    How many years? would he have got for his repetitive hideous persistent multiple crimes.

    Plus many state its those have not come forward that would shock you quantity & type of crimes.?

    The fact that he’s had so many DECADES free to repeat this despicable child crime surely that should have added a decade + of imprisonment?

    Your thoughts folks


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