Ben Fellows says ‘I’ve given all’. Please fund me.

Created by Ben Fellows on June 13, 2013


My name is Ben Fellows I am an investigative journalist and filmmaker being the London 2012 Olympic Whistleblower. I recently made accusations against Ken Clarke MP and “others” for being paedophiles and child abusers. The Police instead of supporting me and investigating my case have simply said that Ken Clark and “others” are “Above the law”.

I have spent seven days on the run before speaking at Bilderberg meeting in Watford, I have now had to return into hiding, I have had to leave my home as my life and my families life have been threatened, my wife and I have separated, my utube, facebook and twitter accounts have been taken down, all my money has gone and I’m staying in safe houses around the country. 

Please help me continue this fight to expose the truth by donating whatever you can afford in order for me to be able to survive, travel and take the fight to the Politicians door. The more I can raise the more I will do to protect all our children from high level Paedophiles, child abusers and their protectors.

I will secure a new place to live so I’m no longer homeless, then I will use the money to help and support me fight these people. It is only when we come together and expose these people will our children be safe and victims of institutional child abuse will have justice.

Once the mainstream media have reported on my story then I will be safer and hopefully will be able to return home. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Ben Fellows, 2013 

TAP – I don’t normally bother much with requests for money online, as I feel I give my time for nothing to helping the cause, but Ben is really a special case.  I hope readers can send him some support.

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  1. Shazza says:

    Ben- just my opinion:

    I think in the immediate term, you should focus on getting a part time job (anything really), which will then entitle you to housing benefit and tax credits to top up your income.

    Once your primary needs are taken care of (home and feeding yourself), you may then be able offer some time and energy to fighting these b***ards.

    That’s not to underestimate what you have achieved to date with your exposure… at personal sacrifice to you and your way of life/ family.

    I am sorry for that.

    But with respect Brother – you have to also focus on you:
    You need to physically and mentally strong, in order to take on this corrupt and devious institution…

    I hope also, that you will, when you are feeling stronger, be able to join hands with other individuals/ organisations, to share the burden.
    One man fighting this system must surely be exhausting…

    With sincere good wishes for you and your family

    Shazza (Sharon)

  2. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon above.

    With regards to claiming this and that, he would have to give some sort of address of residence whether it be a flat, house, living at a Samaritans hostel… etc.

    All these abodes will be checked out prior by the goverNAZIs prior to money being dished out in benefits/aid. There’s the issue of benefits being payed through the banking system or through PI (Personal Issue… at the JobCentre)… either way you are exposed.

    As the post clearly says… he is in ‘HIDING’.

    Once he reveals himself to the state/government he is no longer is in ‘HIDING’… and therefore at risk.

    Sorry to be facetious, but I would have thought this would have been obvious. I have every sympathy for Ben too for keeping ‘off the grid’ too… it’s extremely difficult to do. Especially against this rotten to the core establishment.

    There is always a way though…


  3. shazza says:

    Dear Anon

    Re your comment:

    Yes, fair point regarding tracing of his residence via dwp system.

    However, getting a part time job, and paying to rent a room, does not present with the same dangers.

    My point is, that it is futile to wait for financial support to come via donations/ supporters.

    I know this unfortunately, from my current experience of trying to raise money for someone overseas who desperately needs brain surgery.

    I sincerely hope that Ben receives support in the form of donations… but if I were him, I wouldn’t count on it..

    Hence my suggestion for laternative ways.. despite the naivety i demonstrated with regards the system / being traced


    Shazza (Sharon)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Shazza,

    I think you are running a spoiler campaign to stop people giving money to Ben.

    Ben, you have not said how to give you money.

    Cheers mate

    PS did you know silver foil blogs radiowaves 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    So he says he’s in hiding again and fearing for his life again. He seems to have at least two Facebook accounts, including one for “Ben Fellows public figure”.

    He made claims about fearing for his safety the last time he picked up and ran with an existing media story (2 June 2012

    “Fellows, under the name “Lee Hazeldean”, then appeared on several alternative media shows including The Liberty Tactics Show and Alex Jones Live [28 June 2012 where he broke down his findings at G4S in detail.
    Then during his interview with Liberty Tactics’ Lou on The Lou Collins Radio Show [2 July 2012, he revealed his true identity and spoke of fears for his safety …”

    “Whatever story Ben has worked on hits the headlines …”!about/c1z79

  6. Tapestry says:

    He described specific threats he was receiving.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Are you fucking clowns for real? I mean have any of you fucking idiots actually read what’s going down here?

    Do you even realise the scale of paedophilia in this country? It infests everything, I mean every political/celebrity/music/movie ad infinitum…

    Do you know who Ken Clark is? He is a heavyweight politician with his filthy paedo fingers in everything, literally. His Bildeberg steering committee connections should set alarms ringing straight away…

    Do you realise what that could possibly mean? Who else could Ken expose on his way down? Everyone. The whole shaky house of shit will collapse…

    Do youu think Ken will even survive Bens walk against corruption? I don’t, Kens heading for heart-attacksville…

    So shut the fuck up with your inane prattle and get behind Ben…

    If you’re seriously interested in bringing these paedo cunts and all the scumbags who have enslaved you while you were sleeping, read this blog…

    And put your hands in your pockets you tightwads, Bens got zero sponsors, so help a brother out…

    Peace, Redpill…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who prefers their stories fresh on a plate without checking the facts, look away now.

    Tapestry said: “He described specific threats he was receiving”

    Sure he did. But how specific are his descriptions? Take the guy supposedly standing outside the block of flats and making a threatening phone call. Ben gave a very generic description that would match many men in London (white, London accent, leather jacket, jeans). The guy was apparently also wearing a balaclava, thus making it impossible (or unnecessary, if making it up on the spot) to describe his face. Despite the face mask Ben somehow knew he was white. The guy was apparently standing outside a block of flats taking the risk of being noticed by several people looking like an extra from an IRA or gangster movie.
    Even if one assumes that the threatening person was real, chose so clever a disguise that he had no distinguishing features and was seen by no-one else, there are inconsistencies in Ben’s and his wife’s story. In the Pienmash Films interview where he describes the threatening phone call, Ben does not mention the break-in mentioned by his wife in her Liberty Tactics interview as happening on the same day (she said the 23rd, which she said was the day of the soldier’s murder; she said the threatening phone call happened the same night). Ben also said that the phone call happened on the day of the soldier’s murder, but (like his wife) named the wrong day of the week. He said it happened on the Thursday of the previous week (23rd), but the murder happened on the Wednesday (22nd).

    If someone had just been butchered on the street in your home city (just half a mile away, according to his wife) and you got a phone call the very same day from someone looking like a terrorist/gangster right outside your home threatening to kill you in the same way (that’s what Ben said), would you both have forgotten which day it was by the following week and both name the same wrong day? Would you also not report this or the alleged break-in to the police?

    If you had been abused, would you not go to the police first in an attempt to get justice either at the time, when you’re an adult, or 20 years later when the Savile story breaks, would you resent giving a detailed statement when the police turn up (Ben says he was “interrogated” for 8 hours), would you refuse to give detailed statements about others you claim to be abusers and who might therefore pose a risk?
    Ben and his wife make films together, i.e. creating stories and writing scripts. See IMDb site.

    Like the Olympic security story and the Savile story, the soldier’s murder is another big media story Ben has followed up with a story of his own.

    I know from experience (with a financial scammer) that some people can seem pleasant, knowledgeable, articulate, straightforward and plausible… and make stuff up right to your face when they want something from you. If you really want something to be true (whether a great investment or proof of paedophiles in power), it’s easy to be gullible, not cross-check facts, ignore doubts or cracks in a story (or feel guilted into believing the story despite the cracks; guilt plays very well with this issue, as no-one wants to disbelieve someone claiming to have been abused; another nice manipulation is to accuse people of being idiots if they don’t just believe) and end up listening to someone telling you what you want to hear for their own purposes. They can mix up fact and fiction so that the fiction, which is what they want you to believe, seems true. Some can be very convincing. See Alicia Esteve Head/Tania Head (,

    Up till now, it looked as if all Ben wanted was people’s attention, but now he apparently wants their money too.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ben fellows is a failed actor trying to make a name.for himself and get his name in lights

  10. Anonymous says:

    I believed Ben Fellows at the begining (UK Column interview), but he has lost credibility with me after leaving his wife (who supported him) and running off with a lady called Hannah.

    Also, once they reached London, he created all kinds of needless drama, like this:

    They went as far as reporting the warden woman, even though she apologised, and it wasn’t even an assault!

    Then this:

    He comes across as being an egotist who is out to make a name for himself, at the expense of genuine victims.

    Look through Ben Fellows- related videos on Youtube, decide for yourself. Now it looks like David Icke has got in on this and will no doubt milk as much publicity from this as possible.

    This is from two years ago:

    It’s a wonder he’s still alive! More bullcrap, just like his claptrap about ‘storming Parliament’ and forcing a General Election.

    I’m sorry folks but he seems like a bullsh*t artist to me!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Here is a BIG hole in his Kenneth Clarke story…

    Ben Fellows said that whilst in was in the office where Clarke allegedly molested him, they were talking about ‘G4S’ (security company).

    Well, G4S wasn’t formed until 2004, some TEN YEARS AFTER the alleged incident, back in 1994 (The Cook Report).

    He said that Kenneth Clarke remarked that it was called G4S because of the placement of the Dollar sign on keyboards.

    Here’s a direct quotation from Ben Fellows (his letter to Mr Clarke):

    “Oh I just remembered this is funny. Remember when you were talking about G4S in Ian Greers office back in the day. You said that, why when you were asked why the company was called G4S, after the fiasco with Group 4 Securicor, you said that “It’s called G4S as the 4 was the dollar sign on the keyboard”…Oh so it is!”

    Remember, G4S was formed in July 2004, so that conversation could not have taken place in 1994!

    I kept meaning to look up when G4S was formed, as I remember Group 4 and Securicor but not G4S back then.

    It’s funny how the UK Column have gone quiet about him…

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