Ben Fellows comes out of hiding to speak at Bilderberg fringe

He’s been in hiding for a week, now here to say that the BBC is full of paedophiles.

Repeats the allegations of sexual assault of Ken Clarke.

Operation Fairbridge police refused to question Ken Clarke, despite a mass of evidence.

Nobody has sued me – no solicitors letters.  This is the truth.

All his internet channels were taken down within ten minutes.

No one can silence me.   Cheers.

Politicians cannot be questioned by the paedophile unit.

Andrew Lloyd Webber stuck his tongue down my throat after giving me a strawberry milkshake with cocaine in it, when I was thirteen.

Esther Rantzen did drugs with kids.


I had a man wearing a black mask outside my flat threatening me the day Lee Rigby died.  I’ve been on the run ever since.

Ken Clarke will find himself in a court of law whether he likes it or not.  So will all the other people I’ve mentioned.  I will not stop until it’s done.


Sex abuse rife at BBC says Ben Fellows  – Daily Express

A FORMER child actor revealed how he “ran a gauntlet of paedophiles” at the BBC, claiming the entertainment industry was rife with sex abuse.

Ben-Fellows-pictured-spoke-about-how-he-was-preyed-upon-by-actors-directors-and-producersBen Fellows (pictured) spoke about how he was preyed upon by actors, directors and producers
Ben Fellows, who appeared in Eastenders, The Bill and Starlight Express before becoming an award-winning
filmmaker, spoke last night about how he was preyed upon by actors, directors and producers.
Mr Fellows’s testimony will pile more pressure on the BBC in the wake of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal.
He said: “Once I’d entered the entertainment industry proper I ran a gauntlet of paedophiles – both at the BBC and other television production companies and also in theatres, as well as commercial photo shoots.
“In fact, almost every production I was involved with I was targeted in some way or another.”
Mr Fellows, 38, who trained at the Royal Shakespeare Company, claims that as a teenager he was asked to
Very few people have done so much for vulnerable children. In my view she is irreplaceable
Mark Wood
take his top off and pose for photographs before being propositioned by men and women “all the time”.
On one occasion, he claims, he was chased around a dressing room by a naked actor at the Theatre Royal in
London’s West End. Mr Fellows’s graphic account of life as an aspiring actor is the latest in a series of revelations
to emerge after 60 women alleged Savile had raped or indecently assaulted them – some in the late DJ’s
BBC dressing room.
The BBC’s director-general George Entwistle has promised an independent investigation into practices at the
corporation in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
However, Mr Fellows’s account of life as a child star appears to indicate that predatory behaviour was commonplace
far more recently.
He said: “The truth is there are paedophiles everywhere in the entertainment industry.”
Last night children’s campaigner Esther Rantzen received support from Mark Wood, chairman of trustees for NSPCC and ChildLine, after it was claimed she was told about Jimmy Savile 18 years ago but failed to act.
Yesterday the Daily Express published an exclusive interview with Ms Rantzen in which she said the Savile
sex scandal could undermine her “life’s work” protecting children.
Mr Wood said: “Very few people have done so much for vulnerable children. In my view she is irreplaceable.”
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  1. Anonymous says:

    she is a gatekeeper

  2. Anonymous says:

    What better way to hide , in plain sight, with access to vulnerable children

  3. Anonymous says:

    they can run..but them cant hide..

  4. Anonymous says:

    ? In 1994 that child-line failed my children. The abuse of my children yet to have hearing. My son, Declan Garrett Matthew Curran, Tuesday, 6TH JUNE 1995, “Councillor’s son found hanged” and sickening cover up since. You can’t excuse such anti-Christ, unnatural in-humane treatment, vile evil – mill-stones for round their necks, cast into sea of quick-lime. Put the spotlight on York Yorkshire (“God’s county”)…. “…the books lay open…”….judgment day so.on, for Christ’s sake?

  5. Anonymous says:

    we know why child line failed…..they are unnatural no love in them pure evil..BABYLON judgment will come for them all..

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