Am I a Mason?

It’s a great shame you’re using your blog to spead this alien agenda nonsense. 

I now believe that The Tap is part of the dis-info. movement, promoting ‘aliens’ and the views of people like Zechariah Sitchin, David Icke, Kerry Cassidy / Project Camalot – and other www deceivers.

The Tap presents awful, dreadful truths (most of which are true) and offer no solution – other than this disinformation agenda. 

And I know that you refuse to post any article about Christ Jesus, or posts by Christian writers, trying to bring the Truth to people.

You are misleading people. 

Maybe Tap’s a Mason? 


TAP – You have many posts published Tyler, and have ample opportunity to put your beliefs across.  The part of the post this morning that differentiates gods with a small G from the overall creator – God with a big G – should appeal to you.  I have never excluded the possibility that Jesus Christ is a divine being.  It’s just not the whole story, as he arrived on the scene relatively recently.

The Roman Empire has taken him as their primary device of control of the people, which has blocked much of his original message which must have been good for them to want to get rid of him.  He was against war, slavery and usury – pretty much the same as the rest of us.  

If I was a Mason, I am sure I would know!  Now then what’s all those lines in the aerial picture from Southern Africa.  You really have to look at the evidence, Tyler.

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    How to make yourself look like a complete arse in less than 10 lines….. Didn’t think it was possible but this guy managed it.

    Well done.

    I don’t need to point out that it’s a historical fact that the very thing you refer to for evidence of Jesus’ divinity has a) been altered by the Council of Nicea in 331 AD. b) The afore mentioned council left out certain gospels, why? and if that’s not enough for you then c) The Bible is basically a record of events written by people of the time to serve as a record of events. Now if you have ever gathered evidence about an event from more than one source you can guarantee that they are at least slightly different points of view about the same event. Ultimately the bible is nothing short of an ancient newspaper and a censored newspaper at that.

    Now do you believe ALL you read in a newspaper? I certainly don’t.

    People like this guy are the cause of conflict because you just can’t accept that you could be wrong. It’s called faith/belief ect… But do you have hard evidence of Jesus’ divinity? If so why hasn’t the world seen it? And with that how can you possibly accuse the Tap of being a “disinfo” agent? When the Tap offers up theories for you to explore and draw your own conclusion??? I believe you are clutching at straws in both your comment and beliefs…..


  3. Anonymous says:

    If it is possible please may I pour some oil on troubled waters? I have been studying these issues known as Last Days or End Times since the early 1980’s the same events coming likewise to the attention of sincere secular folk as yourselves as the N.W.O. It is in essence the same thing and we should be equally concerned.

    May I say as a Christian my closest friends are not Christian and I find Christians difficult to get along with as they are being messed up by N.W.O. propaganda and don’t see it.

    They are known as Laodicea (Revelation 3).

    Tap has been very accepting of both, sorry, all sides and if folk see things differently then by all means express your view. The point is we need to be tolerant and am I not right in saying LOVE one another!

    Let’s just spread that again – LOVE.

    Tyler has fired from the hip before, my wanting to rein such in. Perhaps he is a shill? I totally agree with what he says but he has missed the gentle as doves subtle as serpents remit and punched below the belt.

    It takes a long time to discern all truth and while I point Tap to the creator he appears to point me to errors in my take on secular activity, at present, access to internet data by gov. Did I get that wrong? I am always open to criticism


    While you appear to have found the way, others have not, mostly brainwashed by the Rothschild media, many seeking other ways and while in error you need to realise winning others over is not achieved by accusing.

    Icke has much truth as does Camelot, but mixed with disinfo.

    It takes time for folk to get to the bottom of such and is wrong to harangue those who are just receiving the first levels of truth.

    So let’s look at this at a rational level.

    Who is convinced the moon is a spaceship?

    If so, say so.

    If not, I think it is worth suggesting Icke, for a start, presents disinfo.

    From there we can move on, why not go to the next issue.

    Of course Christ was late on the scene. He is the New Covenant, a New Covenant ordered by God.

    He was however not late on the scene as He was in the beginning and for Him and by (beside) Him all things were made.

    My sincere understanding remains that the Father created all things as His Son Jesus stood by and the Father expressed – I make this for you.

    As to the whole false church thing created by the Catholic Church I can post further as I do not represent “isms” be they Protestantism, Catholicism, Communism, Capitalism…

    The rest of the church is just as in as much disarray, sadly, which is why God is reaching out to the likes of you, to make you His friends…


  4. Anonymous says:

    We can already compare the pre-existant copies of the Gospels before the Nicene creed and those left out were mostly gnostic heresy, who even Paul had troubles with and warned about.

    No i don’t think Tap is a mason but Icke does promote luciferian theosophy from Alice Bailey and the masonic satanist Madam Blavastsky. You will find no differnce between his new age beliefs and what the Lucis Trust/UN promotes.
    TPTB hate real christianity which is why they are trying to silence us with “hate” laws and call what is evil good and what is good evil.

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