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Weight Gain and Cavities Have the Identical Root Cause

As Dr. Boyd explains, the foods that cause weight gain are the same foods that cause tooth decay—primarily simple carbohydrates. This realization led him to investigate ultimate causes versus approximate causes, meaning the evolutionary significance of diet and tooth decay. He’s now pursuing a Ph.D. in anthropology and evolutionary medicine, looking at historical patterns of Westernization of the food supply and how it impacted internal- and oral disease.
“To suggest that this epidemic of tooth decay is because of poor brushing is not sound from an evolutionary perspective,” he says. “It’s not evidence-based. It’s important to brush. But plaque – the stuff that forms on the teeth after you eat – from food residue is not intrinsically acid-producing. It doesn’t produce gum disease. It doesn’t produce tooth decay unless it becomes activated.”
What activates it are simple carbohydrates – starches and sugars – that are not conjugated to its native fiber. All sugars in nature, such as the fructose in fruits, are conjugated to fiber, which actually provides mechanical cleansing of teeth.
“I think brushing is important, but not activating plaque with simple sugars is more important,” he says.
Introducing alkalinity in the form of baking soda can also help decrease the acid level in your mouth at the tooth- and gum surface, which can help prevent plaque formation. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of brushing and flossing with baking soda.
This is something I learned from Dr. Tim Rainey, who is a pioneer in biological dentistry. Despite eating healthy for well over a decade I was still having problems with persistent plaque formation.
I noticed a significant change after introducing fermented vegetables (which provide me with tens of trillions of beneficial bacteria or probiotics each day) but what really made the difference was adding baking soda irrigation to my daily regimen. I follow this with coconut oil pulling as it puts a protective coat back on the teeth that the baking soda irrigation tends to remove.

         Dr Mercola

That’s the plus.  Here’s the minus.

From Colin,

With links to diabetes, heart disease, lower fertility rates,
behavioral problems, developmental disorders, and even a handful of
cancers, the U.S. has opted NOT to ban BPA in canned foods.

E. Vaccines has produced a new video that quotes several government
websites on the various effects of Bisphenol-A exposure, including
the revelation that almost EVERY American, regardless of age, race,
gender, or location, is being exposed to this dangerous chemical
through our diet.

WARNING: Some things cannot be unseen.


– Brasscheck

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