Woolwich suspect – agent of British Intelligence

Exclusive – Woolwich suspect tortured “at behest of British intelligence”, Parliamentary Intelligence Committee is told: Police’s arrest of witness claiming Woolwich attacker was radicalised by torture, sexual abuse and harassment was “ordered by MI5”

A letter to the UK Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee by a childhood friend of one of the Woolwich attackers claims that the suspect was subjected to “systematic torture and sexual abuse” by Kenyan troops on behalf of Britain’s security services. 

The letter – exclusive excerpts of which are quoted below – is authored by Ibrahim Hassan, otherwise known as “Abu Nusaybah”, who was interviewed by Richard Watson on BBC Newsnight claiming that MI5 had been harassing Woolwich suspect Michael “Mujahid” Adebolajo to join the agency as an informant six months ago. Hassan was arrested by Metropolitan Police under the Terrorism Act 2000 immediately after his BBC interview, and is currently in custody at Southwark Police Station.

A copy of this letter was obtained by this author today, photographs of which are posted at the end of this report, which also contains an exclusive interview with Ibrahim Hassan’s lawyer with previously unknown details of Adebolajo’s alleged ordeal.Addressed to chairman of the committee Sir Malcolm Rifkind, and prepared with the assistance of his solicitors, Hassan’s letter insists on his innocence of involvement in terrorism activities, and his condemnation of Adebolajo’s “shocking acts.” Arguing that it is in “the public interest that everything that can be done to prevent such atrocities in the future should be the government’s top priority”, Hassan says that he believes “two fundamental factors” explain this behaviour:

“… the first factor was the systematic torture and sexual abuse he was subjected to by Kenyan troops which he believed was at the behest of British intelligence. Michael was told by his captors that this action by them was at the behest of UK authorities. He could not forget or forgive them for this connivance in this brutal treatment of him, when all he was trying to do was build a new life for himself outside of the UK.”

After his return to the UK, Hassan writes that Adebolajo “informed me that he was subject to further harassment and intimidation by the security services in order to pressure him into working for them as an agent.” The letter implores the committee “to investigate any connection between the UK and Kenyan authorities in the mistreatment of Michael Adebolajo whilst in their hands. I am witness to the fact that the Michael I knew ceased to exist after his treatment in Kenya.”

The letter also claims that counter terrorism police officers did not deny that the arrest was ordered by MI5. It points out that: 

“at a hearing video link on the 26th May 2013 with Westminster Magistrates Court where the police sought permission from the court to extend my time in custody, my barrister asked if my arrest was ordered by the intelligence services [and] the police refused to deny this possibility.” 

Hassan adds that he believes his arrest “was ordered by the intelligence services because I made this information public.”


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  1. Anon says:

    Abu Nusaybah sounds like an MI6 disinformation agent.

    He appeared on the MI6-run BBC.

    The purpose of the Newsnight disinformation stunt is to hide the fact that Michael Adebolajo was almost certainly working for MI5-MI6 when he linked up with the MI6 organisation Al Muhajiroun and then later went to Kenya.


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