Woolwich ‘event’ targeted on internet freedom, as well as war promotion

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Very suspect! I also noted that in a couple of pieces I’ve read (Not exact quotes) “they were not in a known terrorist network” … therefore probably “radicalised via the internet”.

Could this also be a way of way of making the flock ‘willingly’ allow more draconian control of our Internet freedoms (freedom of speech etc)?

This may be the start of justification to be able to get any info from UK ISP’s and/or to legally monitor all citizens Internet activity.

TAP – It’s all happening anyway, Wish.  They are looking for justification so they can admit what they’re doing, and use the information they get to arrest, imprison or otherwise remove political opposition.  David Cameron is at the forefront of the coming worldwide totalitarian state.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A couple of weeks ago a video was posted to Facebook of a scumbag cutting off a womans head, at the time I mentioned that these head cutters had been allowed to come to our country, it was only a matter of time before it happened here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sebastian Tombs;
    If anyone looked at the Woolwich Fiasco and wondered ‘ What do they want now?’ I suggest you look at all the MSM sites and see the Whores of Babylon, ( our MPs and Leaders ) crawling out of the woodwork to support the re-introduction of the Communications Data Bill.
    An insidious piece of legislation giving government agencies many powers to eavesdrop on all of our private conversations.
    A precursor (no pun intended)to shutting down the WWW, e mails and cellphone activity, prior to waging war on Syria.
    I am astounded that people are so easily frightened by these claims of terrorists (?)are communicating in secret!!! You don’t say? Well there’s a first I must say.
    I’m reading too many comments on this site and others that seem to back the government narrative.
    How can we guard against this? Well we can’t, or we the truth-seekers would be open to accusations of censorship ourselves…but we should be vigilant nevertheless.
    Lord Carlile, Theresa May, et al have opine that Clegg was ‘mistaken’ to oppose the introduction in the Queen’s Speech; my guess is he will not stick to his guns, but rather make some lame apology for his naivety and withdraw his opposition as was probably planned all along.
    I may rename or add Psyopsolutions to my future comments.

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