Wifi killed my plants and is killing me

When you turn off the WIFI switch on the router, remember to switch off the WIFI setting online too. BT home hubs have a switch but turning it off doesn’t stop WIFI coming out, I speak from personal experience and have found out from ESUK that this is a fact on them all. To turn off the WIFI on BT routers you have to do it online too, a internet search will lead you to find out the procedure. I spent years feeling ill and very depressed and did not know why as I didn’t know I was electrosensitive and had not got an EMF/RF meter. 

Now I know I have changed supplier and purchased my own router I am feeling a lot better. I have fairly successfully screened out my neighbours BT home hub and am now screening out this new 4G signal which at very low levels gives me a terrible headache and makes me confused and forgetful and at moderate levels makes me vomit. I carry two smokey quartz crystals everywhere I go and they help me to feel calmer and help my insomnia a bit, but they cannot really protect you, the only way to reduce harm is to remove/reduce your exposure. There is black conductive paint for walls and fabric to make clothing, net curtains from etc… an internet search will bring up suppliers, there are more now than a few years ago which shows an increase in demand and awareness.

This 4G radiation I find very bad just like WIFI, even a extremely low intensity it makes me ill. I see people today who are effected but don’t know it, they are tired, grumpy, angry, stressed, depressed etc… I feel sorry for babies, children, elderly people and animals who need protection and are basically being killed slowly. I have a neighbour who got Virgin Media WIFI recently and my bedroom is now full of this at moderate levels, I cannot go in there at all now unless I am wearing special screening clothes and even then they fail to keep it all out and I suffer afterwards. I have painted all the walls of my living room and live in there now until I can try and screen it out or tell them that it is dangerous (by letter since I cannot stand at their front door). 

I had houseplants in my bedroom and left them in there hoping they would be OK as they like it there due to the sun (although now there’s virtually no sun anymore) a few weeks after the WIFI was installed they were all in various stages of death, so I have removed them and they are all mostly recovering. WIFI burns my head, even at very low levels for a brief exposure, someone I know who is in love with their BT home hub as it gives them a sense of self-worth I think, has had it for a round a year now and I cannot help but notice how wrinkly their face has become it’s as if they have aged 20 years in one year, I wonder what people will look like if they live to be old in the future? I wonder just how much damage has happened and is happening to us all, I fear that this experiment is going to show horrendous results that will only make the Satanists happy who have forced it upon us. 

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  1. Julia says:

    They haven’t forced it upon us. We are willingly going along with it. The good news is that we can also choose to get out of it. What is a house plant? Plants should naturally be outside.
    All this protective equipment is a way of accepting our fate. I would rather get off the Internet than go around dressed in Satanic black with my walls all black too.
    We don’t have to use the Internet or have wifi, we could spend our time talking to people around us instead.

  2. Anonymous says:

    House plants are indoor plants as they are not able to live in cold environments (not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden and plants are beneficial for our health and well-being), they are decorative and clean the air too, which is helpful now we are all breathing chemtrailled air. The anti-radiation paint is black as it is carbon/graphite based and is painted over and so walls look “normal” afterwards. The clothing does not come in black as it is silver/copper based and so is usually silver or white in colour.

    People who are “electrosensitive” or have electromagnetic hypersensitivity need to protect themselves from digitally pulsed radiowaves/microwaves, many use aluminium foil to cover their walls or live under a shielding bed canopy, some have to leave their homes like Phil Inkley (who lives in a caravan away from sources or RF) and Silvia Wilson (who left the UK to move to Green Bank in America) who were on BBC Panorama recently (watch on YouTube), some commit suicide as they just cannot cope with the pain and torment any longer. Sadly those who now love their mobile phones and other wireless gadgets have a great chance of becoming sensitive to them in time. Brian Stein who runs ES-UK used a mobile for 14 years without a problem until he experienced pain when he put it to his ear, which increased until he could no longer use it, now he is even sensitive to electricity and therefore electrical appliances which are not even wireless.

    People have been lied to and deceived about the harm surrounding this wireless technology, it was designed with harm in mind by the Illuminnazi, there are safe ways of having technology but these cost a bit more money. How are people able to make good choices when they are only given one side of the story, it’s like with 9/11, the only story we were given was the official one, how can we then begin to question it without unbiased information and evidence. I don’t believe that loving mothers and fathers would set out to give their children autism or cause them harm in any way, but this is in reality what is happening, it is astonishing just how damaging this stuff is, I seem to remember an expert saying that a mobile phone gives a foetus millions of electric shocks to the brain a second. Barrie Trower has very interesting interviews on YouTube as he has inside knowledge of how microwaves have been used and are being used to cause harm by the military and governments.

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