Whatever happened to Gregory Pitchford?

TAP – Greg contacted the Alex Jones show to expose a pornographic site run at Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq.  The proverbial ton of bricks descended upon him, and the system has harrassed him ever since.  Here’s his own assessment as to how he’s doing.


I am sending you this only so you can know what happened if something happens to me. 
I believe the government is preventing me from reaching Clyde Lewis at GroundZero. Instead of flying to Ft. Lewis I intend on driving. I will stop in Oregon and see if Clyde Lewis will speak to me.
If he let’s me on I intend on telling his audience exactly what happened to me.
The government has tapped Genesis Communications Network and Alex Jones along with AP and probably every news organization in the country. When I called in to the show with the illusion I possessed the hidden photos from Abu Ghraib the government sent a drone directly to my house, electronically and psychologically harrassed me, threatened me with being the Child Rapist of Abu Ghraib, hit me with strange beams of somekind and last but not least on Nov. 18th 2012, THEY SENT A TRANSLUCENT, ANTI GRAVITATIONAL CRAFT OVER MY HOUSE, with weird orbs flying around.
That is what happened and I won’t shut up about it. I will give this interview or die trying. Ft. Lewis can arrest me when I arrive at the damn gate.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “gregory pitchford” <gregory.pitchford@gmail.com>
Date: May 17, 2013 1:05 AM
Subject: Hey Sterling
To: “Sterling Ford” <sterlingcford@yahoo.com>, “Sterling Ford” <sterlingford@yahoo.com>

The electronic harrassment has not stopped. I am being blocked from websites again which means I’m under constant monitoring. I am very much considering leaving California for Oregon now. There is nothing here for me anymore anyway. I have no connection to the people I once knew including my own family. I will be driving up soon to see you and I will be needing to find a nice secluded place. I need to rent from someone who will take cash and won’t run my credit. I need your help. Call Me.


Hey Tap,

There is no one left hardly in my life anymore. I have lost so many friends and family over this now. They sent me plently of money now but I would give it all back to them for UFO Disclosure. That is what this is all about. I know it.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “gregory pitchford” <gregory.pitchford@gmail.com>
Date: May 14, 2013 10:21 PM
Subject: Alex Jones Gregory Pitchford Nightmare
To: <producer@groundzeroradio.com>

My story is on the net. If you can access the Alex Jones archives of Dec 31 2011, you will hear what sounds like Alex Jones warning someone about coming forward about Abu Ghraib Prison. At the time, Alex was bashing Abu all the time and encouraging veterens to come forward but Alex this time says something to the effect that you don’t want a target on your back. I was blocked out the minute I contacted John at GCN and the warning from Alex came shortly after that over the air. In less than a hour my smart phone had crashed. Then computers all around me crashed. Bank account drained and people from my unit began to call.

5 days later I was calling 911 in fear for my life. A guy from my unit called me out of the blue and conveyed the threat. I may still be able to access the 911 tapes where I am crying, claiming I being threatened with false allegations of being the child rapist of Abu Ghraib. This is the only circumstantial evidence I have. If you search YouTube: Abu Ghraib Child Rapist, you can see this video. This disgusting video has been up for years now. Why? It supposedly implicates 10 unknown soldiers.
The ambulance came and I was sent to Travis AFB on a 5150 on 1/5/12 where I was forced medications and told to stay off the internet. My life has never been the same since. I’m diagnosed with bipolar, schizo and manic delusion. None of which I have.

I tried to contact coast to coast am and was shut out there too and the audio on Youtube has been taken down since for copyright violations. All it was, was a coast to coast audio segment that you can find all over YouTube on any day, except the segment where I called in. That suddenly violated some bullshit copyright. Since this nightmare, I also noticed a lot of the Alex Jones Abu Ghraib Video rants are gone. There used to be dozens of them. I demanded they take them down online.

If you search Gregory Pitchford Coast to Coast you will find the censored video. Here’s a link.


If I told you what the govt did to me after I contacted coast to coast you simply wouldn’t believe me. Let’s just say I started researching microwave beam weapons after that.
This is somehow connected to the work of William Cooper. I don’t know how much of Coopers research is right but his theory of Alex Jones is dead on. If you contact Alex with real information that the government is afraid of getting out, what happened to me will happen to you.

I used the access I had and the other censored unreleased photos of the prison scandal as bait and Alex acted exactly as Cooper claimed he would. He ran scared and refused to reach out to me. John at GCN said he would call but not a word from Alex except the warning he gave to me personally over the air on Dec 31 2011. The date online I gave is a day later. I am unable to access prison planet and have problems leaving comments on YouTube. I reached out to Mark Dice the other day and my Memory stick started crashing just like on Jan 1st 2012.

Either Alex was threatened by the govt not to contact me and ran scared which contradicts his constant message and his radio personality or he is exactly who William Cooper claims him to be. Willaim Cooper was the architect to this movement, not Alex Jones. There is no other explanation. He knows who I am. His program director John knows all about what happened. Yet, you will hear Alex continue to ask current law enforcement and military to call in on the show and fight the NWO with information. I believe they are compiling a list for later and Alex Jones is simply a intelligence gathering and disinformation operation.
I can no longer own a gun and I destroyed any future career in security. However I’m happy to report that my VA compensation was not threatened like others on the internet claim. I’m not looking to start another campaign on the internet. They control that. Just ask The Tap blog. They crashed, The Before It Was News website the minute they picked up my story. The site has returned since but it showed me the attempt I was making was futile. I am reaching out to a select few who are reporting on the identity of Alex Jones or those who have had problems with him in the past.

I know I am not the only one. There must be others.

If you want to do a story on this, great, I don’t care. That’s not why I’m contacting you. I just want you to file my story away and compare it to others who have claimed the same thing. I can tell you other things that have happen that are simply unbelievable and would prefer they not be put online. I already sound crazy, what happened to me on November 19th 2012 makes me sound even crazier. Maybe that’s why they did it.

Gregory Pitchford Alex Jones Nightmare

Alex Jones Gregory Pitchford Nightmare
Jan 1st 2012. Less than 24 hours from calling GCN and Alex Jones strange objects started flying over my house. The two videos were posted by two people in Antioch at the time that I do not know.

November 18/19th 2012 can only be described as a massive paranormal experience with multiple ufo sightings. One of the craft I witnessed was simply unbelievable. No sound, just hovered over the house with a strange mist coming out from under it. It almost appeared as if the craft was cloaked somehow. A red and yellow light was underneath the craft. Along with this craft were strange orbs flying around in the area as well. The electricity in the home was effected and my radio start acting very strange.

So back to Travis AFB I go on another 5150 being told I’m paranoid and I’m having manic delussions. A nice addition to the bi polar and schizo they diagnosed me with the first time I was sent.

Glenn, this all started with a very very stupid phone call and email to GCN and Alex Jones. This nightmare will never end. I’m moving to the Central Valley of California and living on a farm. I can no longer live like I did before and I am no longer comfortable around others.


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