Were the Woolwich Attackers Wearing Body Armor during the London Hoax / False Flag ?

This evening, I’ve been investigating the video of the London attacks and comparing it to the video showing “no blood” to determine if either one is genuine. So far, I’m split down the middle and leaning towards the possibility that both are alterations of the originals put out in order to get people arguing over which video is genuine. But as I searched for better quality videos, I came across a new angle of the shoot out.  If my analysis is correct then this completely blows away the official story and proves that this event was a false flag at best or sinister hoax at worst.

As I watched the video over and over, one thing kept going through my mind:  Why do these guys seem so “bulky”?? There is a huge emphasis from all sides (the governments and the debunkers) to keep you focused on their hands (and they’ve done a damn good job of it because I haven’t seen anyone talking about this). In this new video I noticed that the second attacker, Michael Adebowale ( the one you don’t see much of who also seems to be “handled” by Layoua Kennet) seems to be wearing body armor. This would explain why they seem so bulky and move around so awkwardly.
If the attackers are indeed wearing body armor, then they obviously planned to leave the scene alive. We’ve discussed on the Truth Frequency radio show how the attacker from the “blood-stained hands” video, Michael Adebolajo, drops his knife before approaching police and how the entire scene seems contrived. But why would they have the need to wear body armor?
My analysis for the time being is that the police did not use blanks as some believe, but rather, rubber bullets. Rubber bullets cause a significant amount of damage and pain, despite their non-lethal nature. But even if this event actually took place and the police used real bullets, that explains why they were each able to sustain between four and six shots per person and still be alive in the hospital. So whether you want to take a stroll down conspiracy lane with me or if you just want a view from afar, the use of body armor makes sense in either scenario.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    So, using a brain, let’s say yes they word body armour. That would explain how the first shots did not stop them and switching to hitting the legs did.

    Must try harder to prove an obviously real event was somehow staged so badly by experts that they forgot to put blood on their hands.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rubber bullets, or baton rounds, are not fired from MP5. What gets me, is that UK armed police are trained exclusively to shoot to kill. There is no training to ‘wing’ a man, once firearms are deployed it is to kill. These two men should be dead, or are the armed police incompetent? But killing them would have spoiled the court theatre, and the MSM wouldn’t have had anything to jab us with to keep hating ‘the evil muslims’. This is getting to be a worn-out meme, see the EDL being offered tea and biscuits outside the mosque in York. There IS an ethnic group, with a proven track record of being kicked out of nearly as many countries as there are countries, for doing what they do. But it isn’t muslims. But this ethnic group wants us to keep hating on them muslims, it’s a distraction from the central banking fraud which is impoverishing the UK, USA, EU. It is the same ethnic group directing the destruction of secular nations in the middle east, that is the ones that have their own central banks, not owned by the Rot err certain families I could mention. Most people reading here will be up to speed on this, but for anyone wondering, this Michael Riviero film should set you straight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfEBupAeo4 Over the years, I have engaged with many muslims, I buy most of my food from muslim owned shops, and apart from an odd occasion I have not found against these people. A friend said recently, the MSM is a really good ‘reverse bullshit detector’. If they tell you to do a thing, it is the best idea to do the exact opposite. “what if they gave a war, and nobody came?”

  3. Anonymous says:

    If they planned to leave the scene alive, they wouldn’t have hung around engaging passers-by in conversation ’til the armed police arrived 20 minutes later, then rushed towards them, dropping their weapons. Pure amateur dramatics. freebornman.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And as if on cue, I read this- http://www.intifada-palestine.com/2013/05/these-34-commandments-must-be-obeyed-says-the-london-declaration-on-anti-semitism/. This is a declaration of war on our minds, nothing less. freebornman.

  5. Anonymous says:

    From London – The “Real” facts – Woolwich-London Killing – Compelling Evidence – False Flag?

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