Was Obama brought in to fail?

Illuminati Card Game – Backlash Card Now Being Played

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 13:24  (Before It’s News)

With all that is unfolding in America and the presidency of Barack Obama rapidly disintegrating between the Benghazi fiasco, the Associated Press spying scandal and the IRS/Patriot abomination, is somebody getting back at Barack? Check out the ‘Backlash’ card for the Illuminati card game. The guy potentially could be Barack! He’s getting nailed from all sides and has the proverbial egg on his face. Was Barack Obama brought in by the New World Order for one simple reason that we all may have overlooked? Simply, to fail. Of course, with his failure, they hope to bring all of America tumbling down with him. The 1st video below, though from 2011, explores the concept of the Barack Obama Illuminati card game ‘Backlash’ card. The 2nd video below is very interesting and shares “Obama Exposed” from the standpoint of his astrological chart. 

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