Vicky Haigh out of jail again. What’s going on?

UPDATE – 26th May 2013

Hello All
I can agree that this case does indeed get stranger. I cannot seem to figure it out myself.
I wish I could enlighten you all with answers but I am afraid that I cannot.
I am free again…….for the time being.

Vicky Haigh


A mother sent to prison on evidence she cannot see
The case of Vicky Haigh highlights what passes for justice in Britain today
Vicky Haigh, pictured with her baby daughter, Sapphire, in Ireland in 2011 Photo: EMMA JERVIS/PRESS 22

5:04PM BST 04 May 2013
If the mother of a two-year-old child can be sent to prison solely on the basis of a supposed statement she is not allowed to see and which appears to have been concocted in very mysterious circumstances, we may wonder what passes for justice in the Britain of 2013. This is what has happened to Vicky Haigh, the former racehorse trainer, who for some years has been at the centre of one of the oddest cases of parents falling foul of our child-protection system that I have ever reported.

Last year Miss Haigh was sentenced to three years in prison – the longest such sentence ever recorded – for breach of a “non-molestation order” relating to her daughter by her former husband. Her offence had been to run into the girl at a petrol station. The girl had recently been taken from her care after a long case involving social workers, which ended with her ex-husband being given custody. Miss Haigh then won extensive coverage by fleeing to Ireland to prevent social workers seizing at birth the baby she now expected by the partner with whom she and her daughter had lived happily for six years, with Miss Haigh acting as stepmother to his three children.

Leaving her new baby in Ireland, she returned to face the non-molestation charge, thinking it would be dismissed, only to find that her case had now been taken over by Lord Justice Wall, then head of the Family Division, who took the unusual step of publishing a judgment very hostile to her. A third judge then gave Miss Haigh that record sentence for speaking to her daughter at the petrol station. After she had served seven months as a “model prisoner”, yet another judge agreed that her sentence was “manifestly excessive” and she was allowed to return home on probation to her family.

A former policeman, David Gale, who stood as a Ukip candidate for police commissioner in Derbyshire, then became interested in what he believed to be serious discrepancies in the handling of her original case by social services. By providing police with new evidence, he triggered off an internal police inquiry, and was told that the papers would be presented to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on April 28.

Early last month, however, Miss Haigh was visiting a pub for lunch with her partner and their family. Apparently, she was approached by a barmaid who seemed to know a lot about her, claiming to know her older daughter. The children, who had grown up with the girl, plied this woman with questions and messages for someone they looked on as their sister. Miss Haigh says that, concerned by what was going on, she was careful to say very little about her lost daughter, later contacting friends to describe what she thought had been a “bizarre” incident.

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A week later she went to meet her probation officer, wanting to discuss the episode in the pub, only to find two of them present, aggressively telling her that a statement from the barmaid alleged that she had tried to pass messages to her daughter. Mr Gale was later told by the Ministry of Justice that, according to the statement, Miss Haigh had been “trying to contact her sister”, suggesting that this referred not to her but to a step-daughter.

On April 26, two days before the police dossier was supposed to be handed to the CPS, two policemen arrived at 9am, with a warrant for Miss Haigh’s arrest for breaching her probation order. She is now in Peterborough prison for 28 days, leaving her family baffled by what has happened. The police refused to take a statement from Miss Haigh’s partner, who witnessed what happened in the pub. The family have not been allowed to see the barmaid’s statement, or to challenge it.

Why this mother is back in prison remains as much a mystery as why she was given that unprecedented sentence for speaking to her older daughter in the first place.

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11 Responses to “Vicky Haigh out of jail again. What’s going on?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am free again…….for the time being.

    And not before time! Hope everything goes well for you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, We should thank Vicky for not loosing faith in our blog.
    She must have the heart of a Lion, to keep on the same track.
    The Freemasons have been up to their usual tricks, they must be also involved somewhere, somehow.
    For them to keep pulling the Freemason stunts there must be a reason ?
    Is the real reason to intimidate the rest of us, so we do as we are told without question.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Or could it be she keeps breaking the court orders?
    Far more simple explanation to what’s going on

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Obviously Anon6.02 has not read the articles presented on this blog about Vicky.
    3 years for opening a car door on a garage forecourt, get real !
    Taken to Court and not given the reason or given the evidence against her, get real !
    The Freemasons run all the courts in the Country, how can she get justice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Anon 8.00 not only have I read all the posts on here but more importantly read the judgement handed down From the high court which told everyone the true picture about this “woman” you continue to support

  5. natalia says:

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Freemason conspiracy, Spell casters…? I think all you people should get a life, 2 very clever and conniving people, who tried to make money via an ex husband and a poor little girl who will suffer the consequence all her life, so what we are lead to believe is that all the pedophile, judges, lawyers and policemen have given custody to the pedophile father whilst they all continue their Freemason orgy, and the social services get millions of crude money for child trafficking…model step mother not so, and partner is way badder…I know them:))))

  7. Tapestry says:

    ….better than she knows herself?

  8. Anonymous says:

    yes, better than that 🙂

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