USA to be under Martial Law by June 2014

FEMA Source: Martial Law By June 2014 Nationwide

Sunday, May 26, 2013 10:41

John Moore joined Dr. Deagle for a May 24th show and dropped a bombshell right off the bat, Johns FEMA source has informed him that martial law would be declared nationwide, at the latest by June of 2014. They’ll soon be doing ‘beta-tests’ in two states, Texas & Colorado, to ‘work out the bugs’. Additionally, the federal government will be training secret service agents to arrest sheriffs who do not go along with the upcoming gun confiscation scheme, according to Johns FEMA source. John goes on to share that they are having trouble ‘integrating’ the foreign troops on US soil with the American troops, and “that’s a good thing and the more trouble the better” as far as John is concerned. An action packed 38 minutes from the start.

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  1. Chris Jones says:

    Bio chemist found dead … ‘believed he had been suffering from a virus in the days before going missing, which left him “confused” and “dazed”‘

    Condolances to his familly but worthy of further examination at least

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