UK Column Live Event – The Battle for Freedom in Press and Internet

Exposing The Leveson Common Purpose: The battle for press and internet freedom is now on…

Saturday May 18th – London
ATTENTION: Calling all those that believe in the power of a Free Press and Media
The truth behind the British government’s plan for a Police State by the back door…
Many people in the United Kingdom, across the whole spectrum of the General Public, have been shocked at the blatant attempt by the Leveson Inquiry to hijack and gag the British Press and Media.

Using a deliberate and calculated network of Common Purpose infiltrated and aligned organisations, including the Media Standards Trust, Hacked Off, Full Fact and others, this highly political and subversive campaign was designed to bring mainstream press and media under direct control of the State.

We recognise that neither the mainstream press or media are without blemish, but without their efforts and courage, major exposure of many serious events would never have emerged – Hillsborough, NHS Body Parts and Deaths, Banking Fraud, MPs Expenses, Paedophile Rings, Child Stealing by the State, Public Service Corruption, death of Dr David Kelly, and the lie of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction are just a few.
Was the exposure by the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Sun and others simply a stroke of luck, or are we now seeing the mainstream press and media reacting to the considerable effort and impact of many alternative media sources, such as web sites, web radio, TV, Podcasts and printed papers?
Against the rise of a sinister level of British State spying on ordinary people, press and media controls, secret arrests, secret courts and the bullying, arrest and trial of whistleblowers, it is obvious that dark actors are at work amongst the elites and political powers. Should we lose a free investigatory press and media in UK, the outlook is very serious indeed. Many media sources are now using words such a Stalinist, Stasi, horrifying and sinister.
Many investigative journalists live short lives in dictatorships. The proof? The free press and media have themselves reported it widely.
This unique UK Column Conference is designed to ‘take the lid off’ political events in Britain today with a focus on the move for the State to control both mainstream and alternative media sources.
We will examine the dangers of State controlled press and media, the subversive forces driving this agenda, and we will give special attention on political propaganda around major terrorist events in Britain and USA over the last few years. The BBC is an area of special focus – a publicly funded organisation that claims to be ‘independent and unbiased’, whilst it building a£multi-billion world propaganda service.
Are you involved in mainstream press or media? Or are you an amateur striving to get the real truth out by whatever means possible? Either way, this unique conference is designed to open eyes and build bridges between all those who believe in the power of free press and media. You need to attend, and you will not be disappointed. Bring your readers, listeners, supporters, followers, staff and volunteers…

Confirmed speakers:

Brian Gerrish – UK Coumn Live, Common Purpose Exposed
Patrick Henningsen – 21st Century Wire, Russia Today
Ben Fellows – G4S, BBC child abuse whistleblower
Malcolm Massey – BCG, UK Column Live
Plus special guests.

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One Response to “UK Column Live Event – The Battle for Freedom in Press and Internet”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m 49 years young. I never trusted the establishment, I believe I was not wrong. Brian Gerrish is a Gent of the highest order, as David Cameron is a Zionist scumbag of the lowest order. Nigel Farage is a human being, this is evidenced by the assassination attempt at the last election. (plane crash? with double failsafe mechanism for flying bannners?)
    Who is driving the destruction of our sceptered isle? Who wants to turn the entire world into an amorphous, coffee-coloured ethnic goo? Not me, I am a proud Yorkshireman.
    Human beings have a long associaton with cats, when they shit on the floor, thousnds of years of experience have taught us that if you rub their nose in it, they stop shitting on your floor.
    I am a piss-poor peasant, my learned method of defence is to have nothing that the fuckers can take from me. I don’t want this corpratist New World Order, but until enough of my fellow humans object as much as I do, us ordinary folk are condemned to cattle/goyim status.
    Lawful Rebellion is the answer.

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