Time to sack Cameron and invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty

SIR – As Christopher Booker states (Opinion, May 12), the only way for Britain to negotiate a new relationship with the EU and retain access to the single market would be to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
It would be bizarre indeed if David Cameron were not aware of this. He, however, is prepared to see hell freeze over before announcing that Britain wishes to leave the European Union, as he would be obliged to do when invoking Article 50.
The solution therefore for all those Conservative MPs who can see the tide of support for Ukip sweeping them from office in 2015 is to bite the bullet and remove Mr Cameron as leader of the party. His replacement would invoke Article 50 and come to an electoral understanding with Nigel Farage.
Roger Hopkins
Eastbourne, East Sussex
Letter to Telegraph

Conservative donors threaten to switch to UKIP unless Cameron toughens up on Europe

  • Former treasurer Lord Kalms said he was willing to sign up with UKIP

  • Believes Cameron must return to traditional Tory policies on Europe

  • Nigel Farage has been invited to pitch to wealthy donors for support

  • Is raising funds following UKIP’s recent success at the polls

Lord Kalms, the Dixons tycoon, is one of the most likely to start bankrolling UKIP.
He said Mr Farage was ‘very, very attractive’ and a ‘first-rate guy,’ adding: ‘UKIP deserve all the support they get.’ 
He told the Sunday Times: ‘I have always been a Conservative but that loyalty is wearing very, very thin.’ 
‘If UKIP has the right policies, that’s where we’ll go. I am very, very disenchanted and won’t tolerate being dragged down into Europe without some fight.’ 
Defecting: Nigel Farage revealed that at least one Conservative MP has used a go-between to discuss switching to UKIP

Defecting: Nigel Farage revealed that at least one Conservative MP has used a go-between to discuss switching to UKIP
He urged the PM to stop trying ‘to be all things to all men – that means you are nothing to nobody’.
Lord Kalms was stripped of the Tory whip after he said he would lend his vote to UKIP in 2009.

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