The Fourth Reich makes deal with Zionists to start race war

This comes with the usual health warnings as it’s Project Camelot.  Two assassins are interviewed about their work in the USA by Kerry Cassidy.  The agent talks of having ‘alters’ and being manipulated as an alter.  He talks of killing in London, New York and killing high ranking members of the Rothschild Family.

The Fourth Reich is the Bushes.  The Zionists are the Rothschilds in New York.

He says this an internal war between the Rothschilds in the US and the UK.  He says he himself is biologically a Rothschild. The UK and the US are controlled by the same cabal.  The issue is who is going to run the New World Order.  It’s an internal family dispute, not a geographical war.

Bauer Bush is the same family as the Bauer Rothschilds.  Bush’s DNA was used in producing many offspring.  The other assassin’s middle names are Herbert and Walker.  He admits he doesn’t know what he’s doing (alters).

There’s a lot of transhumanism stuff going on.  They refer to Project Ibis and a new breed being created for the New World Order.

They were involved in the paedophilia thing, both living in Brighton.  They were involved in the whole paedophilia thing which is a big part of the conditioning.  Dr Mengele is still alive, under the name of Steven Rovel?.  He looks about 50, put on a lot of weight.

Kelly asks if they’re involved in things that are not in the best interests of humanity.  A2 replies that something has to change.  I’m not doing anything I feel is morally wrong.  I’m not allowed to remember what I’m doing so I don’t have guilt about what I do.  Do you remember killing people?  I remember when I was younger as part of my training, but not things I’ve done recently.

A1 says drugs are used to bury memory, but he’s had so much of it,  he’s become resistant to it.  Is their work and the NWO in the best interests of humanity?  He answers, he supports depopulation as there are too many people on the planet.  It’s a question of survival.  Transhumanism is not evil, the upgrade of the human condition is not a bad thing –  with some people living for a million years.  I don’t think everyone deserves love.  We’re just animals and it’s the survival of the fittest.

Does he approve the surveillance society?  Yes, he does think so as necessary for this new transhuman society.  He wants to live as long as possible.  He works for an organisation that believes that the rest are sheep.  A1 believes in a top down society, the survival of the fittest.  He was brought up by the NSA underground in Canada, run by the NAZIs for the first four years of his life.

A2 thinks there will be a new system of hierarchy.  The vibration of this planet is on an animal level, working on a hierarchical structure, in which the strongest survive.   There is going to be a culling.  He wants his own loved ones to survive.  He is part of the Bush bloodline.  He’s also connected to the Rothschild bloodline, which is not all NAZI.  He talks of Victor Rothschild as if he’s still alive.

A1 says Victor Rothschild was a Communist.  The Communists are always at war with Nazism.  The war between the two factions has run through the whole of the 20th century.  The current peace treaty is very recent and shaky.

How do the Chinese fit in?  The Ibis Project trained with the Ninjas and the Yakusa.  It goes back to an ET war,  from where the Chinese are regarded as a lesser species, and the Japanese.  The Jewish reptilians, the Zionists, are shape shifters – the Rothschilds.  Thy resemble small T Rex men with a tail.

The Fourth Reich are cyborg reptilians.

A2 knows about Marduk, the Annunaki.  They’re a species from another planet.  The European European Royal families have connections to them, but they also suffer infighting.  One man controls the Illuminati.

Is that the Black Pope?  This person is Lucifer, Enki.  He’s known by a lot of names.  He’s still alive.

Will Marduk return?  The whole family is here now, ready to go.  Is Marduk on his way back here now?  A1 says he’s here, and visits Tanzania regularly.  Anu’s the father of Enki.  he’s here.  These are flesh and blood people who are here.  They are reptilian.  The 4th Reich is loyal to Enki, not Jehovah, his father.

Kerry laughs.  Reptilians are not gods.  They are flesh and blood people.

Goodwood Hill video.  2009 operations in England.  Crash retrieval.  A navy admiral was transporting a reptilian to a meeting.  It was filmed by an SAS member on a long distance camera.  You can see 8 foot tall super soldiers on the video, and the reptilian.

Obama is connected to the Communist faction.  Is Obama related to Marduk?  He was created with DNA connection to the Egyptian Queen Nefatiti.  A2 doesn’t think he’s the original Obama any more.  The original’s been replaced a few times, and is multi-toned.  They have clones.

Bush junior has a lot of clones.  The higher up you are, the less clones you have.  The more clones you have, the easier you are to control.  Like twins, you can torture one and all of them feel stressed.   Project Ibis is based on breeding people with similar traits.  The 42 children are subconsciously connected, working as a collective.  Are super-soldiers working like that in general? (50 minutes)

All the Ibis Project boys were biological brothers, all 42 of them.

Obama could be a Bush!  Black mother, white father.  The published versions are cover story.

Planned nuclear strikes on American soil which could change the geography.  There was big nuclear explosion in Texas recently.  In Syria nuclear weapons are being used.  They’re happening now.  Electro-magnetic pulse weapons?

A2 can remember so much because he’s starting to see his other beings (alters).  The front person is for the world, a good moral person who’s always kind.   The alters are more dark, more honest, he says.  Artificial intelligence is our enemy, and is uncontrollable, he once said, but yet some can be controlled.  Emotions are got rid of, as the machines have A.I., purged of feelings, more liberated, creating cyborgs.

Underground bases?  Central London underground base!  Canada has an underground base, Nelson.  Memories coming back over the last few years – being weighed before walking through doors.  A2 saw cages, unbelievably brutal stuff.  A1 went top and bottom over a period of time, seeing the above world and the below world.  San Antonio is a hub of entrances.

Secret space programme.  A1 heard of it.  The moon – Phobos.  Houston.  Dallas.  A1 and A2 have both been to Mars.  It looks like Phoenix Arizona.   Mountains, Skies.  (1 hour 3 minutes).  Teleporting.  

Rockets launched from Peru to the moon and to Mars.  Teleporting to Mars takes 15 seconds.

There’s a war going on between multiple extraterrestrials, aligned to either the 4th Reich and the Zionists.

An annunaki was on the space shuttle.  Al Deveron is the base of the 4th Reich, a star.

Movie Oblivion. (1 hour ten minutes).  The planet is run by Artificial Intelligence run from off planet.  Humans leave the earth, or hide in underground bases.  Tom Cruise is a super soldier who fixes the system.  Tom Cruise is connected to Montauk through Scientology.  His movies are encoded.

Any country that’s part of NATO has access to these projects – super soldier.  Who are the enemy?  We are approaching One World Government.  Supersoldiers are bred to kill.  They are engineering a war between blacks and whites.  Blacks are being targeted to create a race war to bring down the population, like in Africa.

Manson was programmed for an apocalyptic race war.  he was triggered by Beatles’ helter skelter.  The blacks are the target group of the depopulation agenda.

Radiation, chemtrails and disease spreading is going on.  Terror acts are going on every month.  Bio-engineered weapons to kill blacks but not whites in chemtrails.  Big movement to get the blacks back to Africa.

Scenario creation – financial meltdown, street riots and martial law?  The plan A1 and A2 know about is martial law after a race war breaks out.

TAP – We know that much on Camelot amounts to disinformation.  The stuff they’re trying to push here is race war.  They hope that by telling people the aim is to create a race war, it will help to foment one.  Interestingly Fulford in his latest post, again possibly much of it disinformation, is talking of a  race war leading on to martial law across the USA.   In Britain we saw the attempt to foment violence at Woolwich quickly followed by pre-organised demos by the EDF?

As usual the aim is to create warfare, both internal and external, and to use that to get One World Government into the driving seat.  The more people know that war is being deliberately engineered to create a worldwide genocidal totalitarian government, the less likely the tactics are to work in each attempt.  If, for example, Asians realise why disputes are being escalated around The China Sea, for example, it helps them to realise that they are being manipulated towards a war, not of their choosing.


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6 Responses to “The Fourth Reich makes deal with Zionists to start race war”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “The UK and the US are controlled by the same cabal. The issue is who is going to run the New World Order. It’s an internal family dispute, not a geographical war.”

    The US President and the UK Prime Minister refer to this as “The (or our) special relationship” without anyone questioning what exactly they mean by that.

    When the markets fell in 2008 I strongly felt it was a cabal family dispute.

  2. Anonymous says:

    there are a couple of facts here woven in with some smelly stuff.
    mengele stil alive ? when his death was registered in the CIA journal and the KGB intell mag SBORNIK many years ago, this is daft. reptilians ? wheres the proof ? the only rothschild family dispute saw the miscreant murdered in his bathroom 3 years back, take this with a pinch of salt
    Colin Cannon

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rothschilds are the spiders in the centres of the web, the recent tornado in oklahoma, is said to have been a suitcase bomb to tell america “get on with iran for us “
    the israelis have said they will do this again soon, unless the USa do this

  4. Tapestry says:

    The Oklahoma tornado was a HAARP event according to Dutchsinse.

  5. Anon says:

    The top people have a habit of trying to spread confusion.

    I see a Feudal System – with, at the top, the King and Barons (Rockefellers, Hapsburgs, Bush family, Saudi Royals etc etc), the Knights (Pentagon) and the Bishops (media and politicians).

    At the bottom are the Peasants and Serfs (most of us).

    The top families are a mixture of Nazis, Zionists, Moslems, Hindus etc and are often intermarried.

    The top Nazis, Moslems, Zionists, Hindus etc do not care about the poorer Nazis, Moslems, Zionists, Hindus etc.

    Lords don’t care about serfs.

    As in the Middle Ages, the King and Barons try to seduce, trick, and bully the peasants and serfs.

    Terrorism is used when required.

    As in the Middle Ages, there are sometimes factions within the elite.

    The peasants and serfs out-number the King and the barons but are too stupid and too disunited to organise themselves into effective trade unions, political parties, etc.

    The King infiltrates all the organisations of the peasants and serfs.

    The King sets Catholics against Protestants, Sunnis against Shias, and so on.

  6. Spelling correction ‘ Al Deveron’ is spelt Aldebaran. aka Alpha Tauri
    Which is a star/sun in the constellation of Taurus, these off planet beings are working with reptilian and human factions to help bring about covert supremacy of the 4th Reich/Nazi control systems.

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