The annunaki teach humans about cymatics

The excavation of Sumerian tablets in what is now Iraq over the last hundred years has revealed a story which has yet to reach the vast majority of people.   The interpretation of the tablets can be challenging, and the experts can often disagree.  This one was thought to be a stylised picture of the sun, until what we imagined to be the recent science of cymatics threw up an alternative theory.

I saw a demo of cymatics at David Icke’s Wembley marathon 9-hour address.  Sounds have shapes, which can be brought into visible form by vibrating salt chrystals on a flat plate.  The video shows how when you change the pitch of the sound, the salt chrystals move from one clear shape to another, until they come to one which exactly replicates the design in the ancient Sumerian tablet from 6000 years ago.

Zecharia Sitchin points out that the Sumerian tablets can only make sense when they are seen not as myths portraying the deeds of gods as understood by a primitive people, but as true history, which we have lost – or which has been hidden from our view.  How, for example, did the Sumerians know details about Neptune, Pluto and Uranus – planets which we didn’t ‘discover’ until the last hundred and fifty years?  It is obvious that the annunki were capable of space travel, genetic manipulation of plants and animals as well as cymatics.

The point about cymatics is that the visual image sets up a similar vibration in our brains to the pitch of the sound.  Patterns which we imagine are random, are in fact carefully calibrated to evoke certain feelings and emotions in our hearts – as part of the control system we live within.  Cymatic analysis shows you that the black and white squares on the floor of most churches has a definite resonance in your brain, and not necessary a pleasant one.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You may find this of interest, related to sound frequencies

    The Leonard Horowitz and Joseph Goebbels Dial Tone

    Regards JimUK

  2. Tapestry says:

    It looks good video. I need to find a bit more time to listen to it. Certain frequencies damage your DNA. Others help it work well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    OK, enough of this aliens nonsense!

    Here’s a link to Chris White’s film Ancient Aliens Debunked. The makers of the TV series demanded You Tube take it down, infringement of copyright.
    But, Chris White threatend them with court action, claiming ‘fair use’ – and they backed down, so we can now watch the film again.

    If you are taken in by anything ‘alien’, which is just what The Tap and TPTB want you to think, then I suggest a dose of the truth. A panacea for all forms of BS and lies…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it’s along the same lines…interesting.
    I really do believe that the way forward for healing is vibrational medicine…

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