Syria to Britain. ‘If you want our oil, negotiate. Don’t just smash our country like you did Iraq.’


During our visit to Syria, our delegation was met with great kindness by everyone and I offer to each one who facilitated or hosted our Delegation my most sincere feelings of gratitude.  We witnessed that the Syrian people have suffered very deeply and continue to do so.
The entire population of 23 million people are under tremendous threat of continued infiltration by foreign terrorists.  Many are still stunned by the horrors and suddenness of all this violence and worried their country will be attacked and divided by outside forces, and are all too aware that geopolitical forces are at work to destabilize Syria for political control, oil and resources. One Druze leader said ‘if westerners want our Oil – both Lebanon and Syria have oil reserves – let us negotiate for it, but do not destroy our country to take it’.
In Syria memories of next door Iraq’s destruction by US/UK/NATO forces are fresh in people’s minds, including in the minds of the one and a half million Iraqis who fled Iraqi’s conflict, including many Christians, and were given refuge in Syria by the Syrian Government.
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2 Responses to “Syria to Britain. ‘If you want our oil, negotiate. Don’t just smash our country like you did Iraq.’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    its not about Syria or Syrian people its about getting rid of Assad to put in a puppet leader, so they can then go after Iran “for Isreal” who is selling oil to BRICS nations which threaten’s the Petro Dollar. The UK of course follows US & Isreal. as per Usual its all about Money those human beings being sacrificed dont even come into the equation, none of us do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, The poor people in Syria think it’s the oil the Elite are after.
    There are more reserves of oil now than there has ever been.
    The demand for oil has gone down as the price has gone up. This the reverse of ‘ supply and demand ‘.
    The real reason is of course, MONEY.
    When the Middle East decided to make it’s own money out of Gold, that was it’s death knell.
    Freemasons are running the show, they are not human, so expect ‘ no quarter ‘.
    You Syrians best give it your best shot, you will not get another chance.

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