Sitchin was deceptive

,In David Icke’s latest book “Remember who you are” page 210,he records a number of comments about 
Zecharia Sitchin, including that he attended (satanic)rituals and shapeshifted,he wrote extensively about 
the “Anunnaki” in ways that were often misleading and his job was to disinform and hide the existence 
of the Reptilians….

  I am sure you will be interested in this.    
Cheers, Colin
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to Colin
Very interesting, Colin.  I was aware of some deception.  Sitchin said the words to Icke – ”don’t go
 there’.  That’s how I see it.  Sitchin wrote much that was true but within limits.  
I don’t see Sitchin as total deception, but as the best 
they can do to allow the truth to come about Sumeria, Nibiru and the Annunaki without revealing 
too much of the hidden side of the current world – 
Satanism and paedophilia must have existed from the start.  Marduk was Amen – the 
absent God in Egypt, where they learned how to suppress populations using mass deception.  
I am sure no one will reveal the true history in its entirety.  The Deluge gives you the key.  
They wanted to kill off mankind 13,000 
years ago, changed their minds and now look.  They wish they had done!

ALSO – I noticed on Ben Fellows site that he’s interested in this area.
No time to dig today.

ALSO – on Icke’s page 210 he says that Sitchin said to him Nibiru
was due to arrive soon.  Sitchin would not have said that.  By
calculating forwards in steps of 3600 years, the planet is not due
for 1200 years or thereabouts, I made it last time I worked it out.
I’ll try to check it again later if I get a moment.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    On topic:

    Paul Hellyer on UFOs and the Cabal at the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure.

    Canada’s former Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer gives an illuminating presentation at the recent UFO Disclosure event in Washington DC:

    Toad Hall

  2. Anonymous says:

    all we can do is discuss the situation, we truely have no power to change things. its out of our ability the only hope is if an alien race wants to help us, other than that we have to live our short meager existances out and put up with life.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Humans have an incredible ability to work together as one. The primary instinct in most people is to cooperate. The minority are totally competitive and see their own interests only. The instinct to cooperate of the majority is being manipulated by the minority. That could be stopped once people realise. That’s why it’s worth working on the occult, and bringing it out into the open, as much as can be done.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do watch the above Tap, very good.

    Toad Hall

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