Rogue Pilot Overflies Area 51 Broadcasting Live Before Being Shot Down

TAP – was this a real event?  or a psyop?

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One of the most interesting episodes of Coast 2 Coast AM with host Art Bell takes the listener on a thrill-ride through Area 51. 

Signs and armed guards in unmarked vehicles surround the property of Area 51.

Signs and armed guards in unmarked vehicles surround the property of Area 51.


by Shepard Ambellas
May 21, 2013
NEVADA — A woman by the name of Jill, left a voicemail for Art Bell, a renown radio talk show host, saying “Art, answer the Wild Card Line. My boyfriend is in a small plane north of Las Vegas, ready to fly into Area 51.”
Art Bell then connects the phone line to the pilot and verifies his identity. You can indeed tell the man is in an airplane of some sort.
The man verifies that his girlfriend is Jill, the woman who phoned, leaving a message for Mr. Bell that her boyfriend was ready to overfly Area 51.
The man describes how he is in an experimental aircraft with 120 horsepower, flying at 120-140 mph and explains to Art how he is near “Indian Springs”, Nevada. Saying on the live broadcast, “as an American citizen we have a right to know what’s here in this here Area 51″.
The man describes the terrain as he cranked the engines up to full speed, and how he is hoping that the Air Force will assume he is on some sort of mercy flight as he has his plane marked up with medical crosses on etc, disguised.
“Just entered the restricted zone…. I see a bunch of lights….. I’m trailing in out here….. I’m going to get this baby down here to about 1000 feet”, the man shouts over the noise of the roaring engines.
Art reply’s, “Listen, I think you’re making a mistake”.
The pilot rambles on to explain how our tax dollars pay for all of this, and the people have a right to know (speaking about Area 51).
“They got search lights there about 4 of them out here”, says the pilot. “We got an F16 here now…. they are opening this thing up (referring to the ground)…. I think this old boy’s going to head up here for me”, the pilot says in an intense tone as the situation unfolds fast.
Art then advises the pilot to turn on his radio, as the F16 has his lights on and is flashing him.
The pilot then says, “I hope he’s listening to Art Bell…. He’s rucking his wings at me…. those twin engines are just like tornadoes… looks like some sort of ray gun coming up…. there shooting at me now…. I’m going in”(silence).
Art Bell responds after a moment of silence, “Well, I’m not sure what we just heard”. As he sounded shook up over the call, and the turn of events.
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3 Responses to “Rogue Pilot Overflies Area 51 Broadcasting Live Before Being Shot Down”

  1. Road_Hog says:

    I remember being on holiday in the States during Oct 2001. Obviously I had booked the holiday prior to 9/11.

    America was a weird place at that time, with no one wanting (Americans) to travel.

    I drove out of Las Vegas heading for San Francisco (with a stop overnight at Lone Pine) and as I wanted to go through Death Valley, I took the northern road out of Vegas.

    The northern road takes you within spitting distance of the perimeter fence of the south side of Area 51.

    We (my wife and a couple of friends)we travelling in a people carrier and I was on the passenger side (righthand side) and had the best view.

    Now we were just travelling a long a public road in a normal vehicle, but within two minutes we had a predator drone shadowing us – I know they’re common now, but not so common back then. He stayed running parallel to us for about five minutes.

    I felt the purpose was twofold, to check us out and secondly a warning not to try anything.

    I wanted to lean out of the window and take a picture, but felt that if I did, I might not make it to Lone Pine that day, more like a sheriff’s cell.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Horrifying. To think that in this day and age Americans don’t have portable video recording equipment. In the UK the average 12 year would have caught every second on their mobile phone and had going viral on youtube before their plane hit the ground.

    I’m withholding my name because I’m posting this from the International Space Station, where I’m being held hostage by a Venusian invasion force.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wait a minute, the date on this Intellihub article is May 21 2013, so you would think it is a recent story. But. Check the video, it was uploaded to youtube on January 21 2009.

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