Our air, soil and water will be contaminated by fracking underground gas reserves

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Over 1200 people attended the first 34 FRACKtured FUTURE events held throughout England, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The word is certainly spreading … but is it spreading fast enough to prevent the FRACKing abomination being unleashed in the UK?
The Corporations and their complicit Governments are relying upon OUR APATHY and OUR WILFUL IGNORANCE to steam-roller an agenda which WILL contaminate our Water, our Soil & our Air!

  Events – Early JUNE 2013

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Cameron is One Determined FRACKER 

I know that many who receive my Newsletters would like me to comment on the unfolding events in Syria, the recent drama in Woolwich, the continuing economic collapse and a whole host of other global issues … but for the time being I am going to remain focused on what I believe to be the most disturbing threat to life ever unleashed upon Humanity. I refer, of course, to to the FRACKing Agenda. If we are unable to prevent this abomination from becoming established in the UK, life as we know it will be impacted beyond the wildest imagination of Joe Public.
The duplicitous BBC reports on the earthquakes in the Gasfields of Northen Holland but then attempts to assure the British public that Fracking is not a significant cause of large earthquakes. Tell that to the property owners around Gronningen and even Blackpool who can no longer obtain Buildings Insurance as a result of Frack-induced seismic events.

Der Spiegal reports on the concerns of German Beer producers that if the fracking process contaminates water supplies, the quality of German Beer will be seriously affected. Irish Farmers are torn between the possibilty ofcheaper fertilizers and the impact that contamination will have a negative impact on their 9 billion Euro export market.

Meanwhile, last week, David Cameron attends a Brussels summit at which member Countries were urged to restore EU competitiveness by getting the FRACKing agenda kicked off at the earliest possible opportunity. Earlier in the month Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin & Harpenden hit the media claiming, ‘Britain can’t afford to surrender to the Greens on Shale Gas’. It didn’t take too long to establish that Lilley is whoring for the Gas Industry, having received some £400,000 in Stock Options from Tethys Petroleum.

Meanwhile, perjurer Lord John Browne as Chairman of Cuadrilla, sits at the heart of the UK Government and stands to make out like a bandit if shale gas production gets underway.

For the record, I am not a ‘Green’, an Environmentalist, a Socialist, a Communist , a Hippie … or any of the other labels dished out by the MSM in their pathetic attempts to demonise anyone who has the audacity to challenge their quest for profit at the expense of the anything which just happens to get in the way.

The reality is that the socio-psychopathic global corporatists don’t give a toss about the inevitable collateral damage to either the environment or the inhabitants living either above or in close proximity of the gas fields. In fact, it serves the longer term Agenda 21 goal of driving people out of the rural areas and into ‘Controlled Environments’; i.e. Cities. Where they will live within the Smart Grid and have their every movement monitored by the emerging Technocracy.

If we don’t nail this is the bud … we are totally FRACKED! But do enough people really care?

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