Nuclear incident drills to start Monday across Montana

Osiris sends –

If a nuclear incident happened in Montana, key officials don’t want to be meeting each other for the first time.
Military personnel at Malmstrom Air Force Base have regular exercises to test their response procedures and make sure everyone knows what to do and when.
But starting Monday, their training will go to a higher level.
A national exercise, known as NUWAIX 2013, which is executed by U.S. Northern Command and sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, will bring about 1,000 people to Montana throughout the exercise. The exercise isn’t expected to disrupt the community, but locals may notice additional vehicle traffic in and out of the base, increased helicopter activity and some personnel in hazmat suits or “tent cities” at some of the exercise sites. The majority of the exercise will be contained at Malmstrom and Fort Harrison in Helena.
Personnel from a variety of local and federal agencies, primarily the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Energy, Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency Region VIII, will augment Malmstrom and other Air Force participants.

The exercise will be scenario based, and participants will respond to a nuclear incident, which could be a DOE shipment in the state, an attack on a nuclear missile site, hostile action on base or the missile field or a range of scenarios.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Off topic, but just heard this on the MSM news:

    This NHS ‘helpline’ is part of the same mantra as the Liverpool Care Pathway and the whole NHS depopulation agenda/cutbacks/Agenda 21.

    My brother works in the substance abuse NHS profession. More and more people are turning to alcohol and drugs now as they are losing their jobs and houses due to our triple-dip recession/depression/financial collapse.

    Problem is, when you hit these narcotic substances you can get into the tricky situation of withdrawals. Let’s be clear, there are plenty of NHS doctors/nurses who are functional alcoholics/substance abusers in order to keep relatively ‘sane’. The long hours they work and the mass influx of immigration and rare diseases flooding the UK means their jobs are very hard work and stressful.

    Point is, the UK NHS helpline is now mostly run by overseas call centres. You can literally be having a heart attack and they still want to know your address, DOB, where you live… anything but you need immediate medical care.

    A patient under the care of my brother was half-way through a stroke (and died – through alcohol withdrawel) the other week and the Asian lady on the NHS helpline was half-way trying to get his address on her computer (instead of calling an ambulance). The Asian lady on the phone just thought the phone had cut off… and moved onto the next mug in the call queue. When you are ringing the NHS helpline you might as well be ringing BT to report a fault with your phone line… it’s that bad now.

    Forget ObamaCare… welcome to CameronCare. It will be no different under MilibandCare either.

    Welcome to socialized/privatized medicare where you are safer out of the hospital than in it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps there will be another false flag event during these drills like there was in London on 7/7.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 12:07 am

    False flag terrorism by our government is a sad reality of life now to push their sick agenda. They are the real terrorists.

    After the recent Boston bombings, governments are now guilty until proven innocent.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Reality check on life… with a hint of humour:

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